Antea releases AnteaSTART

Antea, a global leader in asset integrity management (AIM) software with 3D digital twin, is excited to announce the launch of a new product to their lineup: AnteaSTART, a mechanical integrity software version tailored specifically to the basic needs of single-site operators. With this new subscription-based model, operators of single-site Oil & Gas, chemical or power plants can harness the latest technology for real-time visualization of their assets -- enabling them to make quick, evidence-based decisions for improved maintenance and reliability, reduced inspection costs, and fewer shutdowns.

The AnteaSTART subscription model also includes data management support, which will save operators substantial time on data entry and reduce the likelihood of human error. It includes Antea Core, the base of Antea’s AIM platform, as well as risk based inspection (RBI), inspection data management (IDMS), and electrical & instrumentation (E&I) modules at a low monthly cost, with the option to scale up functionality as needs increase. The software eliminates spreadsheets and information silos – empowering operators with a single version of the truth without the need for additional resources.

Single-site operators can leverage AnteaSTART for:
●     Low cost of entry to digital AIM/RBI/IDMS software
●     Secure, encrypted data hosting and protection in the Cloud
●     Enhanced user experience due to simplicity of use
●     Simple user interface with one-click access to data

“We designed this model to make innovative, next generation digital technology available to all,” said Mustapha Mazouzi, President of Antea North America, “With this launch, every operator of any size can enjoy the benefits of digital AIM.”

AnteaSTART is the newest in Antea’s proven lineup of AIM software – joining AnteaPLUS and AnteaENTERPRISE, which are options for larger or multi-site process plants and facilities with more complex asset management needs.

For more information www.antea.tech



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