LUKOIL revises policy on energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

PJSC LUKOIL adopted a revised technical policy on energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In compliance with the requirements of climate legislation, the policy will be applied at the Company's enterprises in Russia.

The technical policy aims at improvement of energy efficiency of all work processes on the basis of good management and use of innovative technologies and equipment, with respect to their cost-effectiveness. The main goal of the policy is to provide solutions for application of modern technologies and equipment in the energy supply systems and technological complexes involved in both upstream and downstream.

The policy provides for achieving a minimal technically and economically reasonable level of energy consumption, while ensuring Company's development, improved safety, security, and efficiency. It also envisages growth of the share of RES-generated power in the energy mix, increase in energy efficiency of all operations, as well as reduction of negative environmental impacts via lower consumption of energy resources.

Implementation of the policy will strengthen LUKOIL's position regarding sustainable development, as well as encourage moving to a more innovative way forward and preservation of healthy environments in the regions of operation.


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