Axens Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of AxSorb® and AxTrap™

Axens is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary of its AxSorb® and AxTrap™ adsorbents. Over  the  years  the  adsorbent  series  has  grown  significantly  from  Axens  traditional  markets (Gas, Refining & Petrochemicals) to new areas like CO2 Capture and Storage, Hydrogen, odor control and biogas/landfill gas.

Axens production facilities located in Salindres (France), Brockville (Canada) and Saint-Louis (USA), have produced more than 150 000 tons of AxSorb® and AxTrap™ products over the past 10 years.

Both AxSorb® and AxTrap™ allow operators to reach very stringent specifications while keeping a focus on safety, depollution and of course catalysts protection.

AxSorb® adsorbents are regenerable and remove polar impurities like water, oxygenates, sulfurs, or nitrogen.

AxTrap™ adsorbents are non-regenerable and irreversibly trap poisons by chemisorption to ensure the tightest outlet impurities specification on mercury, sulfurs, fluorine, arsine or chlorides.

Axens expertise in adsorption and processes has been the key to the success of AxSorb® and AxTrap™. Designs are tailor-made to address the best solution to any purification based on adsorbents. Axens not only supply adsorbents but also on-site/off-site services ranging from loading/unloading to troubleshooting and unit optimization.

Future is promising for the Adsorbents. Whether for classic applications where feedstock quality varies more and more or for new applications (process off-gases, CO2 Capture and Storage, Hydrogen, bio-fuels, medical gases, biogas/landfill gas), adsorption has a huge role to play to provide efficient purification solutions.

Axens is prepared for the forthcoming challenges and so are AxTrap™ and AxSorb® products.


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