Axens launch new P/PR 200 series

Axens is Pleased to Announce the Launch of the New P/PR 200 Series in the Symphony® Family Building on over 120 years of cumulative experience in Catalytic Reforming, established on the success of the Symphony® Catalysts P/PR 100 Series (P 152, PR 150 & PR 156), Axens is pleased to announce the commercialization of the new P/PR 200 Series in the Symphony® family.

This year, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Symphony®, Axens’ suite of high performance reforming catalysts, which gave to Axens a unique position in reforming technology. Symphony® consists in industrially proven, high-performance, top-stability reforming catalysts together with an outstanding hydrothermal resistance, covering continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR), semi-regenerative and cyclic applications.

Extended pilot testing program demonstrates that the new P/PR 200 Series ensures higher activity and stability compared to the former generation while improving the averaged product selectivity (Reformate and Hydrogen). This provides a boost in terms of unit economics while offering higher flexibility in operation. For example, the new P/PR 200 Series offers the possibility to short load the unit, to process more naphtha, or to extend the time-on-stream factor together with an improvement of the averaged selectivity, reflecting Axens’ commitment to obtain the most of every barrel and ensure the optimum economic value.

Several awards have already been obtained with this new P/PR 200 Series, highlighting the high confidence of our customers in Axens’ catalysts.


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