Korea Petrochemical award AHU contract to Lummus Technology

Lummus Technology announced an award for a C4 acetylenes selective hydrogenation unit (AHU) from Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co. Ltd. (KPIC). The unit will be part of an expansion to KPIC's Onsan Chemical Plant in Ulsan, Republic of Korea.

"With this additional technology award, Lummus will play an integral role in helping KPIC's investments become more efficient and productive while reducing their waste streams," said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. "As the licensor of the existing technologies at KPIC's site, we can readily integrate this add-on technology to the existing facility and successfully execute this project."

"KPIC is excited to further strengthen its decades-long relationship with Lummus by licensing this additional unit," said KPIC. "Making the investment to convert this waste stream into higher value products is a perfect example of KPIC's ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental management."

Once complete, the plant will process 37,000 MTA of feed to the AHU. The installation of the new unit will prevent the burning of the byproduct stream as fuel, which in turn, results in lower emissions at the Onsan Chemical Plant. The unit will upgrade a byproduct waste stream by selectively hydrogenating C4 acetylenes to produce larger quantities of butadiene and raffinate products. These products will be used to produce rubber and supply KPIC's olefins conversion unit.

Lummus' project scope for this award includes license and basic engineering for the Lummus/BASF SELOP C4 acetylene selective hydrogenation technology. The BASF SELOP process is licensed by Lummus for C4 and C5 selective hydrogenation.  

Spanning three decades, KPIC has selected multiple Lummus technologies for its Onsan Chemical Plant. Previous licenses include a naphtha-cracking complex, an olefins conversion unit and a butadiene extraction unit, which KPIC awarded to Lummus earlier this year.

Lummus' C4 acetylenes selective hydrogenation technology allows customers to upgrade a byproduct waste stream and selectively hydrogenate ethyl and vinyl acetylenes from this waste stream into higher value butadiene and raffinate products. The superior catalyst in this technology offers long life and long cycle times while maintaining high selectivity.


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