Breakthrough in on-line rapid crude assay can now measure organic chloride

4IR Solutions have achieved a high-level of accuracy (single digit ppm level of detection) in the analysis of Organic Chloride, which is the latest parameter to be added to their extensive list of properties. As the efficiency of the production of high value distillates depends on crude oil analysis, the placing of a monitoring system at the CDU feed or at the pipeline point of entry can be of immense strategic importance. Doing so ensures that the tender is fully intact and meets delivery specifications, while removing the liability of the supplier should the product experience changes or contamination during transmission to the end user.  Placement at the point of entry also provides the supplier with an early warning regarding the stratification of the product while in delivery storage tanks prior to shipment. It can also prevent detrimental co-mingling with tank heels from the previous tender, as well as Asphaltene precipitation (plugging). On Line, Real-Time analysis can enable refineries to take early corrective action (i.e., diverting tender to upstream holding tankage) so that improper delivery to the end user is avoided. Once the improper material is segregated, corrective measures can be applied (i.e., blending to specification, re-processing, etc.).

Organic chloride is often present in crude oil and its concentration can vary greatly. In recent years, corrosion due to Chlorine (mainly Organic Chloride) in pipelines has resulted in extensive damage to major refineries. 4IR Solutions have recently launched the only analyzer capable of the on-line measurement of Organic Chloride.

4IR’s Process Crude Analyzer oil analysis includes: Organic Chloride; Specific Gravity; True Boiling Point (TBP) yields; Pour Points; TAN; Sulfur; Water content; Olefin content; Aromatic Content; Chain length of Paraffin.


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