(Webinar) How grab sampling can help improve your plant’s safety

While grab sampling can be a dangerous and hazardous process for both operators and their surrounding environment, too often safety takes a back seat to other day-to-day considerations. If this sounds familiar, tune into this sponsored webinar. It’s your opportunity to focus on areas in your plant where safety is a concern and learn methods for ensuring sampling that is not only safe and effective, but also representative.  

In this webinar, you’ll examine hazards associated with samples at high pressure and samples that are toxic to operators along with strategies for avoiding them.  You’ll investigate how to overcome the challenges you face ensuring your samples are representative of the process being sampled. In addition, you’ll review sampling system design basics and how to apply them to ensure safe, effective and representative sampling. Whether you’re involved in sampling system specification, installation or design, come spend an hour with an expert for a new understanding of grab sampling and how it can improve safety in your plant.  

You’ll learn how to:
    - Identify potential safety concerns with grab sampling systems.
    - Design and specify grab sampling systems to avoid safety concerns.
    - Select appropriate sampling systems for your applications.
    - Effectively manage concerns regarding sample pressure and toxicity.

Matt Dixon
Application Commercialization Manager

Thursday 20 October
10.00am Los Angeles / 12.00pm Houston / 6.00pm London
Register Here: https://www.bigmarker.com/ptqdr/grabsampling



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