Nalco Water to design and build a new water treatment plant at Shell’s Jurong Island chemicals and manufacturing site

The plant is set to begin operations in July 2next year and is expected to contribute to Shell’s water conservation ambition. Ecolab will oversee the design and build process, as well as the commissioning and operation once complete.

Greg Lukasik, senior vice president and market head for South East Asia, Ecolab, said: “Our goals focus on helping our customers save 300 billion gallons of water by 2030. Our purpose is to help our customers move towards more responsible water consumption, so we’re delighted to help Shell advance its ambitions with this new water treatment plant at Shell Jurong Island.”

Ronald Doesburg, general manager, Shell Jurong Island, added: “At Shell, our ambition is to conserve fresh water by reducing consumption and increasing reuse and recycling. To achieve this, we work with global technology organisations like Ecolab to advance our ambition to improve water management and promote circularity and water efficiency in our operations.”

The design includes a stage that will pass water through a pre-treatment, ultrafiltration process so that even when there are wider variances in water quality passing through the feed, better consistency can be assured in the quality of the final product.

Following the pre-treatment stage, there is also a reverse osmosis process that can treat up to 24 000 m3 of water per month.


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