Technip Energies and MetGen to industrialize METNIN® lgnin refining technology

Technip Energies and MetGen Oy, announce a collaboration for the industrialization of METNIN® technology for the valorization of lignin. Lignin is a high-volume waste stream of biorefineries that is currently burned.

METNIN® is an enzymatic process technology that enables the fractionation of lignin from lignocellulosic feedstocks to produce various renewable bio-products. Technip Energies and MetGen have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly bring a standardized solution for lignin refining to the global market.

Bhaskar Patel, SVP Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals & Circularity of Technip Energies, commented: “We are pleased to work with MetGen to commercialize METNIN® technology which is a game changer for the future operators of biorefineries. The technology transforms a high-volume waste stream into valuable end-products. The technology unlocks lignocellulosic biomass valorization in biorefineries, and enables lignin to be a source of a sustainable and renewable products.”

Alex Michine, CEO at MetGen Oy commented: “We are proud to work shoulder to shoulder to solve biorefinery bottlenecks and finally enable lignin as  sustainable and renewable alternative to petrochemicals and oil-based materials”


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