Resilient treated water production: A complementary and holistic approach using mobile water solutions

(Webinar) - High water quality across petroleum refining and petrochemical industries is an integral part of every process, including cooling tower make-up and blowdown, desalination, filtration. Additionally, these industries unavoidably generate large volumes of wastewater.

The growing demand combined with the increasing water stress and stricter regulations is creating a situation where water is becoming not only costlier but also a more valuable resource. This is leading companies to take a holistic approach to their water treatment management strategies to maximise water treatment system uptime and deliver efficiency while moving towards less water-intensive methods of processing and making use of Water-Efficient New Technologies.

Complementary solutions to support sustainable growth
Providers of mobile water technologies are developing complementary solutions with the operators’ goals at the core, by offering multiple services across the power generation process. During this webinar, NSI Mobile Water Solutions will look at several value-adding technologies that can help energy companies deliver and maximise their water management strategies.

Join us to discover how mobile water systems can help you:
●  Ensure your continuity of production in emergency situations
●  Support your production growth with additional treated water production
●  Prevent corrosion with chemical-free water degasification and reverse osmosis
●  Optimise and reduce your operational costs with mobile reverse osmosis
●  Unlock or maintain operators’ licence to operate with environmental solutions

Plant operators can benefit from making mobile water technologies and services an integral part of their water management strategies to ensure not only continuity of production in case of emergency and maximise productive uptime thanks to improved efficiency, but also to manage water resources more sustainably, both economically and environmentally.

David Laszlo - Sales Director at NSI Mobile Water Solutions (former Mobile Water Services Europe of Veolia)
With 20 years of experience in the sales of services and design & build solutions to industrial customers,  David has acquired strong skills in project management, business development strategy and promotion of industrial partnerships. Within NSI Mobile Water Solutions, David leads the sales development and growth of the MWS business across Europe with the objective to meet and exceed customer needs and ensure service excellence.

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