MOGAS awarded contract to support TC2C™ new technology

MOGAS Industries has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract for the South Korean S-Oil Shaheen Project for the first-ever commercialization of TC2C™ (Thermal Crude to Chemicals) technology. The TC2C™ technology licensed by Lummus Technology converts whole crude and other refinery orphan streams into high value olefin and aromatic products, and includes one of the world’s largest steam crackers.

On the back of earlier project successes for ebullated bed hydrocracking with technology licensor Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), MOGAS will supply more than ninety 2-inch through 14-inch, ASME 300–2500 Class severe service valves and actuation packages, which include multiple fast-acting, metal-seated emergency shutdown valves.

“We are proud to be part of Aramco's largest investment into South Korea and to be part of the first TC2C™ process plant. This investment will make a positive impact on the global marketplace with clean heavy crude upgrading that supports the green economy,” says MOGAS CEO Matt Mogas.

Recognized as a leader in severe service valves and service specifically in heavy oil applications for over 40 years, MOGAS provides a high level of confidence in both product and technical assistance, ensuring a smooth startup and operation. MOGAS has over 11,000 valves installed in more than 30 ebullated and slurry bed hydrocracking active operations world-wide.


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