NEXTCHEM awarded feasibility study / pre-FEED contract for low carbon fertilizer plant

MAIRE announces that NEXTCHEM has been awarded by FertigHy a Feasibility Study and Pre-FEED contract leveraging on its NX Stami Green AmmoniaTM and NX Stami Nitric AcidTM technologies, while integrating its hydrogen and electrolyzer know-how in a consolidated technical solution.

The FertigHy consortium, established in 2023, is composed of a cross-value chain combination of shareholders, including EIT InnoEnergy, RIC Energy, MAIRE, Siemens Financial Services, InVivo and HEINEKEN. FertigHy is an example of European industrial players making the decision to invest in Europe for the continuous decarbonization of the economy.

The first plant, which is scheduled to start construction in 2027, will produce half a million tons per year of low-carbon nitrogen-based fertilizers, from hydrogen obtained by renewable and low carbon electricity. The consortium aims to replicate this integrated concept in other European countries to potentially reduce single plant emissions by up to one million tons of CO2 per year.

Alessandro Bernini, MAIRE’s CEO commented: “The fertilizers industry is a strategic sector for countries’ economies, and we are proud to contribute to its sustainability in Europe and globally. MAIRE, leveraging on the integrated approach ranging from the project development to the execution capabilities, can provide the fertilizer business with technology solutions that help the industry achieve the decarbonization targets required by EU regulations”.


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