• With the enormous potential for reducing the refinery carbon footprint by increasing direct fired heater efficiency, what successful cases provide an example of increased efficiency and reduced emissions?



  • Brian Burgio, KBC Advanced Technologies, brian.burgio@kbcat.com

    Yokogawa has successfully applied our CombustionONE suite to optimize combustion and heat transfer in the fired heater radiant section.  We do this by first improving the measurement accuracy, precision, and responsiveness of the pre-combustion components and the post-combustion gases.  Once integrated into closed loop control, we have dozens of proven CombustionONE implementations able to SAFELY run much tighter O2 levels that anticipate rather than respond to dynamics in the combustion environment (variable LHV, inconsistent tramp air, swinging air flow, etc).  Ultimately, our CombustionONE clients see quantifiable improvements in specific fuel consumption and/or fired asset production, emissions reduction (CO, CO2, NOx), asset integrity (particularly tube and catalyst life), and SAFETY.


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