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Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 2
The Hague
2595 AN
The Netherlands

Tel : +31 88 625 7000

Whether you are looking for sulfur recovery technology in compliance with your local environmental regulations, the removal of sulfur components from a sour gas stream through amine treating or removal of H2S and NH3 in sour water stripping, Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions can provide you the necessary technology, expertise and support.
Wide variety of Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery technologies
For more than 50 years we deliver specialized Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery technologies to refineries, gas plants, coal gasification, power and chemical plants around the world, helping them improve their sustainability performance and to comply with Environmental Regulations.
In the field of sulfur recovery we are able to provide a large variety of technologies to recover the elemental sulfur. We have experience with the design of very small capacities of less than 3 t/d up to the successful engineering of large units up to 1500 t/d of sulfur production.

We offer a full suite of Sulfur Recovery Technologies: ADIP Refinery / Natural Gas, ADIP Liquid Hydrocarbon Treating, Sulfinol Process, Claus Process,  SUPERCLAUS®, EUROCLAUS®,  SubDewPoint MCRCTM-SUPERCLAUS®, Low-Temperature SCOT, SUPERCLAUS® / Caustic Scrubber, Sulfur Degassing, Advanced Burner Control, Sour Water Stripper, Subdewpoint Units and SUPERCLAUS® and Other Technologies.

The Jacobs' SUPERCLAUS® and EUROCLAUS® technologies are recognized worldwide and surpass all others with sulfur recovery rates in the range of 99.0 to 99.5%.

Jacobs also has technology in its portfolio which meets the most stringent requirements that are requested nowadays. When SO2 emission is to comply with 100 mg/Nm3 we can select from various options. The right selection is based on local situation and usually determined via an extensive study looking into installed cost, operating cost, waste stream handling and available plot space. We can select the SUPERCLAUS® Scrubber option, Low-Temperature SCOT process and we also have access to the Cansolv technology and the Thiopaq O&G biological treating process.
Jacobs also provides Sulfur Recovery Units in Modular design. Based on project requirements we execute the modularization studies and provide EP Supply of the modular design.