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  • High performance packed tower solutions

    Engineered to Innovate: GTC Technology is a global licensor of process technologies and mass transfer solutions with the core mission of creating value for our clients. Refining, petrochemical and chemical companies around the world rely on our advanced technology to optimize production ...

  • High performance tray tower solutions

    Advanced distillation column design. Revamping distillation columns requires a solid process design background, particularly when conducting evaluations of existing equipment and data. GTC advises clients to understand where they are on the reflux to theoretical stage curve prior to setting ...

  • GT-Styrene® a cost-effective process for recovering styrene

    In an effort to improve the production economics of naphtha cracking plants, operators must consider the recovery of valuable components from pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) over blending into the gasoline. Styrene is one such component that has far more value as a petrochemical product than ...

  • GT-TolAlk rethinking PX production

    As the growth of the paraxylene (PX) market continues to be driven by increasing global demand, PX prices and margins remain strong and are expected to remain healthy over the next several years. Toluene methylation is an effective and economical solution to maximize PX yields by adding ...

  • Isomalk-2 - A low-temperature light naphtha isomerization process

    Isomalk-2 is a low-temperature isomerization technology that has been commercially proven in grassroots applications, revamps of semi-regenerative reforming units, and replacement of other isomerization technologies. This flexible process utilizes a robust platinum-containing mixed metal ...