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For over 50 years, BASF has been pioneering innovative FCC Catalyst technologies for the petroleum refining industry. Whether your feedstock is vacuum gas oil, resid, or Canadian Oil Sands, BASF Refining Catalysts has the optimum catalyst for your refinery needs. Our newest technologies include Valor™, a vanadium passivator for improved catalyst activity retention, Luminate™, which delivers superior conversion with lower delta coke, and Fourte™, which increases butylene selectivity for improved alkylate yield. As pioneers in developing innovative catalyst technologies for the petroleum refining industry, we have always focused on helping refiners get the most out of their operations.

BASF’s wide breadth of cost-effective FCC Additives continues our commitment to advancing petroleum refining technologies that improve processes and realize better economics. BASF offers both performance enhancing and environmental compliance additives that provide LPG olefins and gasoline octane enhancement, reduction of regenerator afterburn and CO emissions, conversion enhancement, excellent reductions of NOx and SOx emissions, and more. Our newest additive technologies include ZIP™, an olefins additive to increase propylene selectivity, EnviroSOx™, which reduces SOx emissions to comply with air-quality limits, CONQUERNOx™, which enables the catalytic oxidation of CO to CO2 with minimum NOx emissions, Converter™, which provides increased activity and bottoms-upgrading, and HDUltra™, which delivers maximum LCO yields.

Our vast experience in catalysts and the refining process allows BASF Catalysts to create distinct FCC Custom Solutions to solve your individual refining needs. Working with you, our FCC Technical Services team can design a tailored solution for your company.

BASF also offers a comprehensive array of Adsorbent Solutions for use in the refining and petrochemical industries to enable production of downstream chemicals and gasoline while minimizing emissions. BASF sulfur guard beds, including newly launched Prosorb N, remove a broad range of impurities with high performance from reformer and isomerization unit feeds. BASF also offers Claus and Tail gas treatment adsorbents for Sulfur Recovery Units, adsorbents for treating HF and sulfuric acid alkylation byproducts, as well as various organic and inorganic chloride guards. At the propylene recovery unit (PRU), BASF offers a complete portfolio of solutions to upgrade refinery grade propylene to higher value products via purification, including newly enhanced PuriStar™ R3-22 technology. For refinery off-gas/ethylene recovery applications, BASF boasts the new lead-free PuriStarTM R9-PAR/R9-SR solution, along with the PuriStar® R3-81 DeOxo, which purifies off-gas streams to recover ethylene while ensuring the lowest possible olefin losses and thus maximize feedstock value.

At BASF, our goal is to help our customers successfully meet their unique operating and profitability objectives. Along with premium product offerings, our commitmen t to service is a strong component of our customer interaction process. Our FCC Catalysts and Adsorbents teams, highly experienced in fluid catalytic cracking chemistry, process design, and operational expertise, can create a customized service solution for your refinery.

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