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  • Mist Elimination Liquid-Liquid Coalescing

    Koch-Glitsch provides process expertise, commercial experience, and advanced product technology for a wide range of industries including chlor-alkali, gas transmission, general mist elimination, natural gas processing, petrochemicals, pollution control, power generation, pulp and paper, ...

  • INTALOX® ULTRA Random Packing

    INTALOX® ULTRA high performance random packing can help to increase the capacity of any random packing tower by up to 10% while maintaining the same efficiency compared to previous high capacity random packings, such as IMTP random packing. With older generation random packings, the ...

  • SUPERFRAC® XT High Performance Trays

    The SUPERFRAC® tray family has been proven through more than 25 years of application in the most demanding fractionation, absorption, and stripping applications. Through sustained investment in research and development, Koch‐Glitsch continues to improve the performance of the SUPERFRAC ...

  • VORSOMAX® Cyclonic Equipment

    Reduce new vessel size or increase capacity in high-pressure applications with our new VORSOMAX® cyclone mist eliminator and VORSOMAX® cyclonic inlet device. The advanced design DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminator can achieve even greater increases in capacity over conventional mist ...

  • ULTRA-FRAC® Technology

    Expand your Capacity Not your Vessel. Before the introduction of ULTRA-FRAC® trays, appreciable capacity increases in light hydrocarbon services could be achieved only through new column construction.  With ULTRA-FRAC, existing columns can be retrofitted, resulting in significant ...