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SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700

Armed with an integral sampling system custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for measuring oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation appl ...

Are you ready for MARPOL?

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement the MARPOL Annex VI, all ships must globally reduce their emissions of sulfur by 86% before 2020. This fact is bound to have a huge impact on the shipping as well as the refinery industry. But exactly what will happen? ...

Fuel properties analysis

This video illustrates the Fuel Properties analysis available in any stream within ProMax. This analysis calculates fuel properties such as ASTM D93 flash point, research octane number, and ASTM D86 cut points.

New from Albemarle R&D: KF 870 and KF 880 STARS®

At Albemarle, we intelligently leverage catalyst technology to extract maximum value. We work hard to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals and are eager to introduce two new additions to our portfolio of Intelligent Catalysts.

ERTC 2018 | Interview with Peter Blaser, CPFD

Peter Blaser, Vice President of Engineering Services, CPFD spoke at ERTC 2018 in Cannes about Simulation as a Risk-Reduction Tool for Turnaround Planning. In this interview, Peter tells us more about CPFD, why it was important for him and his team to attend ERTC, the importance of digitalization ...

Crystaphase, there is no magic behind reactor performance

It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through ...

UOP advanced MTO process

Overview of Honeywell UOP's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process that converts coal or natural gas to key plastics building blocks.

Control valve analysis    

This video illustrates the Control Valve analysis that can be performed within any stream in ProMax. This analysis calculates valve opening, valve Cv, and pressure drop according to the selected valve type. The video also shows how these calculations can be applied inside of a valve block ...

ProMax blocks - crossflowsheet connector

This video illustrates the use of the Cross Flowsheet Connector shape, which allows for stream information to be passed from one flowsheet to another.

ULTIMet™ high-activity catalyst hydroprocessing

Introducing Honeywell’s newest hydrotreating catalyst, ULTIMet™ .The latest addition to Honeywell UOP’s vast lineup of Unity catalysts, ULTIMet is significantly more active than traditional choices. It’s used in diesel, VGO and distillate hydrotreating applications ...

ProMax project options

This video explains the Project Options available in ProMax. This includes changing project wide properties (such as atmospheric temperature) and changing what properties are displayed in the Project Viewer.

Welcome to Axens blog, by Axens CEO Jean Sentenac

Why Choose to be on Social Media? Why Create a Blog? Why Name the blog Succeed Together? Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presents Axens company blog by answering 3 questions.

Berthold non contact measurements

Our moisture analyzers, radiometric belt weighers, level measurements and density gauges use non-contacting measurement technologies and are used in the most demanding of process conditions.

ProMax Blocks - property tables

This video illustrates the property table shape within ProMax, which allows the user to display information about multiple streams or blocks side-by-side on the flowsheet.

Competitive product analysis helps simplify catalyst selection.

How to make sense of the overabundance of catalyst brands.

Heat exchanger cleaning - inspection clean vs standard cleaning

Dunn Heat Exchangers optimal cleaning to an "inspection clean" status ensures operational efficiency and a longer duration between cleaning requirements.

Calculating glycol losses compared to gas flow (lb/MMSCF)

This video shows how to add customized variables (user values) in ProMax. This is demonstrated by calculating the glycol losses as a function of wet gas being conditioned through a TEG dehydration unit.

3 questions to Axens Salindres plant director Henri Thomas

The Salindres site is one of Axens' 7 industrial sites for catalysts and adsorbents. What are the main issues of the Salindres site today and tomorrow ?

Unity Hydroprocessing

Honeywell UOP brings a unified approach to hydroprocessing through our vast lineup of solutions for both hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

Refinery power outages: causes, impacts and solutions

From 2009 to 2014, there were 2,837 reported unplanned shutdowns, within US refineries. This video looks at the major causes of refinery shutdowns, the impact they have and offers solutions to refinery power outages. Recomendations by William Vukovich, Patrick Christensen, Thomas Yeung ...

Simple specifier

This video illustrates how to create Simple Specifiers within ProMax.

KBC - All About Excellence

KBC exists to help you achieve and sustain excellent operational performance, through the actions of our people, fused with the application of our digitalization technology and best practices, powered by the Cloud. Better decisions - faster, Flawless execution - every time and  ...

Introducing ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing

ExxonMobil's refining, chemical manufacturing, and gas processing technologies, along with their assortment of specialty catalysts, are used at EM's own facilities and are offered for license to customers.

Back blending

This video illustrates the process of back blending in ProMax.  Back blending is a method used to estimate the inlet conditions by adding up the measured gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water outlets.  This is often used for estimating emissions off hydrocarbon tanks and water ...

Line sizing analysis

This video illustrates the Line Sizing analysis available in ProMax. This analysis will calculate the necessary pipe size to keep the pressure drop and/or velocity below a user-defined limit. Erosional Velocity may also be calculated.

Amine sweetening initial design

This video demonstrates the initial design of an Amine Sweetening unit in ProMax.  ProMax will give you the ability to compare different solvents, temperatures, pressures, loadings, reboiler duties, and countless other aspects of amine sweetening.

Solutions for combustion control

Matt Halsey and David Fahle discuss the SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 and SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Combustion and their roles in combustion control.

Inside the Servomex UK Technical Centre

A look inside Servomex's world-leading UK Technical Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex – where Hummingbird sensing technologies and Servomex gas analyzers are built to the highest quality standards in our leading-edge clean room and manufacturing facilities.

Servomex Laser 3 Plus

Servomex has launched the SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus range, the world's smallest Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analyzers which can be specifically optimized for combustion, ammonia slip and process control applications in the hydrocarbon processing sector.

CATcade reformer loading by Cat Tech

CATcade Reformer Loading is unique to Cat-Tech and offers a way in which consistent and uniform loading can take place within Primary Reformer units. The key factor is for the catalyst not to be damaged whilst being loaded and with the help of out velocity breakers our CATcade system ...

Heat Exchangers - we can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm

Tracerco has been at the forefront of online leak detection for the last 50 years and can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm. If you have a leak, we can identify the specific exchanger where it's happening. We can identify which exchanger within a bank is leaking. The method is non-intrusive, ...

Haldor Topsoe - Making optimal performance possible

Haldor Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science. We are committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance. We enable our customers to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way. ...

Depressurization tool

This video illustrates how to use the Depressurization Example stencil within ProMax. The video describes the different types of cases and calculations performed by this stencil and demonstrates its use for two different cases. A short demonstration of how to calculate the relief temperature ...

Wood's Process Technology and Consulting capabilities

We deliver differentiated technologies, consultancy services, licensor activities and proprietary equipment that support our customers with their strategic investments.

Johnson Matthey - Increasing FCC Propylene Supply

The FCC accounts for up to 35% of the world’s propylene supply.  With this in mind refiners are looking to increase propylene yield while bridging the shortfalls.

ERTC 2018 | Event Highlights

Here is a round-up of what happened at ERTC 2018 (European Refining Technology Conference) in Cannes, France, with the official support of TOTAL as our Co-Hosts.

Welcome to Wood

Robin Watson, Chief Executive of Wood, introduces the new business and explains the exciting potential of the organisation to introduce a wider range of services to a broader spread of customers and markets.

50 minute detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) of gasoline by GC-VUV

50 minute detailed hydrocarbon analysis of gasoline using gas chromatography - vacuum ultraviolet adsorption spectroscopy

Koch-Glitsch & Koch Specialty Plant Services One Source Solution

With ONE-SOURCE SOLUTION, Koch-Glitsch and Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC, combine their expertise in equipment and installation services to identify opportunities that can reduce downtime and total project costs, while working to optimize equipment designs for safe installations and ...

Blasch Precision Ceramics Hex Block instructional video

Jeff Bolebruch of Blasch Precision Ceramics demonstrates how quickly and easily Blasch VectorWall checkerwall tiles can be installed.