Unity Hydroprocessing

Honeywell UOP brings a unified approach to hydroprocessing through our vast lineup of solutions for both hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

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  • Meet the refinery of the future head on

    Now, meet the people who are creating it. Honeywell UOP is helping refiners like you, rethink their business models to meet market demands today, and prepare for tomorrow. Find out how we work with future-forward owners and operators to achieve profitable growth and capture more value out of every barrel ...

  • Honeywell UOP Callidus is Delivering Efficiency, Quality and Value

    Part of maintaining world-class quality is maintaining world-class facilities. So when Honeywell established a fully owned and operated UOP Callidus manufacturing operation in Shanghai, China, the operation was designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate in quality and production control. Check ...

  • Honeywell UOP Callidus

    Honeywell UOP Callidus is a global leader in combustion technologies. This video provides an overview of the many products and solutions UOP Callidus provides refineries, petrochemical plants and gas plants to increase efficiency, add profits, and reduce emissions. It also takes a look at how UOP Callidus ...

  • Honeywell UOP Flare Pilot Flame Ionization Detector

    The UOP Callidus flare pilot ionization system is designed to detect flame under all-weather conditions and lasts longer than other flame ionization technology.

  • Honeywell UOP Parex Process

    Over the last century, the world’s population has quadrupled and the standard of living increased seven-fold. All of this has been fueled by the oil and gas industry — powering our vehicles, homes, factories and offices, furnishing our clothing, purifying our water, and providing life-saving ...

  • Honeywell UOP ChlorideGuard™ System

    Protect Your Chloride Adsorbent Investment Your current catalytic reforming units change-out process of chloride adsorbent beds is typically based on either historical experience, or the recommended frequency in original design specs. Neither approach considers changing dynamics of inlet chloride levels, ...

  • ULTIMet™ high-activity catalyst hydroprocessing

    Introducing Honeywell’s newest hydrotreating catalyst, ULTIMet™ .The latest addition to Honeywell UOP’s vast lineup of Unity catalysts, ULTIMet is significantly more active than traditional choices. It’s used in diesel, VGO and distillate hydrotreating applications to produce ...

  • Welcome to Honeywell connected plant

    Honeywell Connected Plant's UOP solutions are cloud-based service to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance.

  • Unity Hydroprocessing

    Honeywell UOP brings a unified approach to hydroprocessing through our vast lineup of solutions for both hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

  • The ISOALKY process solution

    The ISOALKY process solution offers refiners the ability to produce alkylate using a specialized ionic liquid catalyst that simplifies handling procedures and provides comparable process and economic performance to conventional liquid or solid acid catalysts. The alkylation process upgrades low-value ...

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