Introducing Shell Turbo Trays

Shell's new absorption column internals to further enhance process performance.

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  • Shell Catalysts & Technologies – Who We Are

    For years, the energy and petrochemical industries have counted on the catalysts, technologies and services provided by Criterion, CRI and Shell Global Solutions. Today, these companies have come together under the Shell Catalysts & Technologies brand for a single purpose, to solve the industry’s ...

  • Shell Gasification Process (SGP)

    Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ SGP technology as a great way to reduce bottom-of-the-barrel molecules. Additionally, Shell Gasification Process has huge flexibility in feedstock, being able to process numerous streams from other bottom-of-the-barrel technologies, as well as flexibility in ...

  • An Integrated Approach to the FCC Pretreat + FCC Unit

    In the FCC Pretreat (FCCPT) application, performance is measured by many metrics and success is achieved thru the application of a custom-designed catalyst system. We work with customers to access the feeds, designs and objectives of the integrated FCC PT / FCC complex and develop a solution that will ...

  • Shell Catalysts, Technologies and Services

    Welcome to Shell Catalysts & Technologies – your single point of contact and integral partner in implementing technology, catalysts and service solutions in the worlds of refining, petrochemicals, oil and gas and related industries. With Shell Catalysts & Technologies, you get the promise ...

  • Shell Reactor Internals - Transforming Energy Together

    Shell’s experienced Reactor Internals team reduces the fear and nervousness associated with shutting down a part of your refinery, making the process quick, simple, easy and pain-free. It’s a relationship with us, not just a business transaction. That relationship ends up in value to you ...

  • Introducing Shell Turbo Trays

    Shell's new absorption column internals to further enhance process performance.

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