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The preparation and certification of a 30ppt calibration gas mixture

Challenges in the preparation and certification of a 30 parts per trillion (ppt), also referred to as 30x 10-12, sulfur hexafluoride gas calibration mixture used as a transfer standard for the determination of anthropogenic carbon dioxide are described. 30 ppt equals to about 1.5 minutes ...

Hydrogen as an alternative to Helium for gas chromatography

The choice of carrier gas depends on the type of gas chromatography (GC) detector that is used and the components that are to be determined. In general carrier gases for gas chromatographs must be of high purity and chemically inert towards the sample. Many gas chromatographers are considering ...

HiQ specialty gases, equipment and services for environmental monitoring

You need absolute confidence in your measurement results. That is why Linde introduced HiQ®. HiQ® represents the best there is in the world of high purity gases, process and calibration gas mixtures, precision engineered gas supply solutions, and the high quality services needed ...

Linde HiQ SPECTRA VOC standards EPA method TO-14A

The US EPA’s Compendium Method TO-14A, “Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Ambient Air Using Specially Prepared Canisters With Subsequent Analysis By Gas Chromatography” is used extensively by analysts for both ambient air studies and indoor air quality ...

Linde HiQ specialty gases for the petrochemical industry

Expanding market penetration for chemicals and plastics, combined with increasing requirements for transportation fuels and the world-wide depletion of easily accessible raw materials are creating tremendous operational pressures for even the most efficient petrochemical complex. Innovative, ...