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Ketjen, a wholly owned subsidiary of Albemarle Corporation, continues a legacy as an industry leader for Fluid Catalytic Cracking solutions (FCC), Clean Fuels Solutions (CFS) and hydroprocessing catalysts (HPC), and Performance Catalyst Solutions (PCS). Albemarle’s operations team will remain in place after Ketjen’s launch in January 2023, focusing on increasing performance with tailored, advanced catalyst solutions to complex challenges in alignment with the partners and sectors we serve.

By applying our in-depth knowledge of catalysts to customer operations and nurturing our subject matter expertise, we can strategically advise the refining industry with modern thinking on today’s opportunities and the future’s challenges. We prioritise strong industry engagement and partnerships. This helps us meet growing demands for clean energy with resources devoted toward designing the solutions to carry the industry forward for greater profitability today and a seamless energy transition to a sustainable world tomorrow.

Catalyst & Process Optimization
Every catalyst we design, manufacture and produce fits our customers' specific needs.  With decades of experience under our belt, our feed optimization models identify the best  catalyst to maximize utilization of feedstocks. Our teams also understand the catalyst  manufacturing process at a deep level, with the process design knowledge required to help  our customers exceed their profitability and efficiency goals. Our highly adaptive, responsive  approach emphasizes flexibility so our customers can easily adjust their operations and  catalyst in response to changing market conditions.

Ketjen's FCC solutions are very flexible, meaning they are well-poised to play a key role in  the energy transition. As the industry continues its search for new avenues to diversify the  feeds processed with FCC, Ketjen teams couple ample experience with the exploration of new  applications. Together, this has the potential to change the face of the industry and identify  new, sustainable approaches for our clients.

Troubleshooting & Technical Services
We know processes don't always go as expected. We tailor our solutions to each customer's  individual needs, and from issues with catalyst loss to excessive unit fluctuation, our teams  have seen it all. Whatever challenges our customers face, our troubleshooting and technical  services employ robust analysis, creative problem-solving and lightning-fast response time to  ensure operations ramp up as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Refinery Innovations
Our diverse portfolio of solutions is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the  refining industry. Through our leading-edge, modern thinking, solutions and products, we drive  your performance and maximize your returns. Our goal is to partner with you and support your  energy transition journey with the best custom catalyst solutions.