Number: 43


  • SMARTGard HVTS Solution: Pulp Mill CFB Boiler Goals Achieved

    In this episode of "Efficiency and Reliability," learn how a Pulp Mill in the South Eastern United States overcame operational challenges to achieve their critical maintenance goals, including increasing boiler reliability, extending outage cycles, and reducing mechanical repairs, all ...

  • How can refineries cut costs and reduce fuel use in their catalytic reforming unit fired heaters

    In this audio case study, we discuss how refineries can instantly reduce fuel consumption and save costs with the process tube Hot Tube Descaling process on their live heater.

  • IGS addressed a process vessel emergency on Christmas eve

    I'm going to tell you a Christmas story where we addressed an emergency for a refinery in Texas. This story highlights IGS's commitment to efficiency and reliability. We hope that you will not be facing emergencies during the holiday season, but if you do, you know who to call.   ...

  • Key features of the OptiMVD by Kelvin Lam, PAC Software Engineer

    Kelvin Lam is the software engineer who designed and implemented the software for the OptiMVD. In this episode of the podcast, Kelvin shares his thought process behind creating this software, and how the key features of the OptiMVD are both user-friendly and can improve user productiv ...

  • Carbon Capture podcast

    Our latest podcast looks at a variety of carbon capture and storage processes   available to industry, and the challenges facing operators using them. Listen now to find out how Servomex provides optimum solutions 

  • Insight Through Instrumentation

    Listen to our podcast where we how Tracerco's customisable range of award-winning nucleonic instrumentation provides reliable phase, level and density measurements, allowing you to see inside and accurately control your processes. Learn more about how we provide our customers with the ...

  • How a pulp and paper CFB boiler mitigated extreme erosion and saved long-term costs

    In this audio case study, we discuss a situation at a Gulf Coast chemical plant where an ethylene furnace encountered a hot spot challenge, requiring prompt action.

  • Laser 3 Environmental

    In this episode, application experts discuss gas analysis for continuous ammonia (NH3) monitoring in combustion emission.

  • Successful revamp of a 40-year-old steam-methane reformer furnace

    This episode examines a successful application of Cetek high emissivity coating to the radiant section of an SMR reformer which was experiencing excessive fuel firing.

  • Larry Emch from IGS: Energy efficiency in furnaces

    In this episode, Larry Emch, IGS Furnace Efficiency Specialist, shares the story of a site tackling excessive fuel usage and high emissions in their Steam Methane Reformer.

  • How a plant stopped CFB boiler tube repairs from 500 to 0

    In this audio case study, we'll talk about the changing maintenance strategy of the power plant operating two Circulating Fluidized Bed boilers. In 2015, they required 500 tube repairs across their units, leading to severe production disruptions. We'll explain why their boiler reliability ...

  • Innovating Together For Climate Action

    Honeywell President and Chief Operating Officer Vimal Kapur joins Honeywell Chief Marketing Officer Laura Kelleher on this episode of The Future Is… to discuss Davos, technologies enabling the global energy transition, and the role of communities and collaboration in climate action. ...

  • Overcoming severe refractory failure in a Saudi Arabian refinery

    Today, we'll delve into the case study of how IGS significantly helped improve the operational efficiency of a Saudi Arabian Refinery by addressing a critical refractory failure. Our focus today centers on the innovative Hot-Tek Refractory repair services, implemented while the unit was ...