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Sulzer supports businesses in the Oil and Gas sector all over the world with solutions aimed at maximizing capacity, efficiency and performance. Our core strengths are flow control along with mass transfer. We specialize in separation and mixing technologies as well as pumping solutions and services for all types of rotating equipment.

Sulzer Chemtech, is a global licensor of process technologies and provider of mass transfer equipment for the refining, chemical, petrochemical and gas processing industries. We use our extensive experience to offer clients customized solutions to optimize production capacity and efficiency, reduce operating cost and minimize environmental impact. With over 25 licenses we cover technologies used in the hydrocarbon processing industry to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and maximize production.

Mass Tansfer Components and Separation Technology
Supporting our customers with high-quality solutions is a key priority for Sulzer. This is why we offer the largest, most comprehensive range of mass transfer components and column internals, such as Trays, Distributors, Separators, Crystallizers, Coalescers, Dividing Wall Columns, Random and Structured Packings. Every product is carefully designed and tested to ensure top performance in order to maximize separation efficiency as well as column capacity.

Process Plant and Global Technology Business
When our customers need more than a single component, we can help them create entire plants along with the processing units they need. Sulzer develops and licenses entire process facilities for refinery and petrochemical businesses in the oil as well as the gas sector. Our comprehensive service includes initial concept design, computer-aided simulations, pilot testing, manufacturing and start-up. In addition, our Process Services teams can support customers by developing innovative, bespoke processes, conducting feasibility tests, debottlenecking studies and process validations.

Static Equipment Services
We believe that round-the-clock global support is fundamental to help our customers deliver peak performance to ensure maximum plant uptime. As a full-service provider, Sulzer is able to conduct diagnostic, turnaround, routine and emergency services, maintenance, repairs, revamps as well as upgrades. One of the key technologies that we have developed is CladFuseTM for Automated Weld Overlay of columns, boilers and other vessels. This solution helps our customers maximize equipment service life while also increasing long-term resistance to corrosion and erosion.

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Sulzer's expert teams work closely with our customers to ensure we deliver the best solution and service, addressing specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your intended application and how we can help.

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