• The intelligent midstream

    (White Paper) Oil and gas operations success hinges on digital transformation. Between diverse business models and fluctuating market and regulatory pressures, ...

  • DuraZOOM™ - industry-leading olefin and octane enhancement

    DuraZOOM additive is the latest in a long line of light olefins and octane enhancers manufactured by Albemarle. ZSM-5 additives were developed by Mobil ...

  • Hyper/Secondary compressor components

    Burckhardt Compression is the recognized worldwide market leader and pioneer in Hyper Compressor technology since 1951. Our long standing know-how and ...

  • Gas/Liquid separation technology

    Sulzer is a major player in the field of gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation technology, offering a full range of innovative products and related services. ...

  • ReFRESH™ your Catalyst

    Topsoe´s ReFRESH™ technology offers you the opportunity to use Haldor Topsoe catalysts twice for maximum economic benefit by reactivation of ...

  • HexWall™/ Vectorwall™ case study

    Furnace baffles – a long history of problems. Sulphuric acid plant furnace baffles historically are labor intensive, expensive to install, require ...

  • All about excellence in the energy and chemical industry

    KBC exists to help you achieve and sustain excellent operational performance, through the actions of our people, fused with the application of our digitalization ...

  • Get the best from your compressor

    How’s your compressor running? How should it run? How could it run? The reliability, efficiency, and environmental soundness of compressors dictate ...

  • SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400

    Tunable filter infrared absorption on-line gas analysis platform ideal for the measurement of light hydrocarbons. The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a real-time ...

  • Dynawave® reverse jet scrubber

    How a reverse jet wet gas scrubber works. The DynaWave® Reverse Jet Scrubber is an open duct in which scrubbing liquid is injected, through a non-restrictive ...

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