• ERTC 2020 Newspaper

    2030 isn’t long off – the future of advanced biofuels --- Covid-19 provides a warning to refiners that adaption is key to thrive in the energy transition ...

  • Nasty stuff

    Heavy crudes are here to stay. As longs as oil prices remain high, Canadian, Venezuelan, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, Mexican and other low API gravity crude ...

  • Customized grading solutions for your feedstock

    Match your catalyst grading to your feedstock for minimum pressure drop build-up and maximum demetallization. As today’s opportunity crudes and heavier ...

  • Redura® piston sealing systems

    As a compressor OEM with more than 170 years of experience, Burckhardt Compression has been setting standards for piston packings and packing rings for ...

  • Gain 5-10% efficiency with this simple 4-pass tray revamp

    The design of 4-pass trays can be complex. It not only requires a close evaluation of the mechanical design but also the process response to that design ...

  • ACHIEVE® FCC Catalysts

    Grace is expanding its portfolio of catalysts to address the current market challenges, in particular to lower slurry yield to take advantage of distillate ...

  • Rapid elemental analysis for compliance & quality control

    The NEX DE Series high-performance EDXRF spectrometers are specially designed for rapid elemental analysis and deliver wide elemental coverage. Analyze ...

  • Tower field service, maintenance, revamps and installation

    Worldwide maintenance and installation services. Since 1971, Tower Field Service (TFS) has been a tower specialist performing tray and packing installation, ...

  • Axens catalysts and adsorbents

    Decades of scientific achievement in catalyst and adsorbent research, product development, engineering expertise, process licensing technologies, manufacturing ...

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