• Advances in FCC catalyst performance

    Upgraded manufacturing processes have produced an FCC catalyst with increased gasoline yield and high hydrothermal stability at high severity operatio ...

  • Diesel hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking

    Increased hydroprocessing capability must provide an acceptable long-term return on capital, while producing the desired product yields and qualities

  • Optimisation of energy consumption

    The true values of fuel, power and steam costs are needed for reliable estimation of energy saving projects

  • Estimating delayed coker yields

    Correlations were developed for estimating product yields from delayed coker units to achieve optimum performance and refinery configuration.

  • Why vacuum unit fired heaters coke

    A description of the internal workings of vacuum heaters and the causes of coke formation within them

  • Being lean in ethylene

    Operational excellence in ethylene production requires integrated design and control solutions to optimise plant for improving yield, efficiency and energy ...

  • A single integrated vacuum system

    Failure to design the vacuum unit as an integrated system will invariably result in unsatisfactory yield and poor product quality (high vanadium, nickel, ...

  • GT-BenZap®: cost-effective benzene management

    GT-BenZap®: Cost-Effective Benzene Management: GTC Technology’s process know-how can meet refiners’ needs by providing a variety of cost-effective ...

  • VFF - your expert for maritime exhaust gas treatment

    For decades, Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken (VFF) has successfully supplied tower packings and internals made of a wide variety of materials worldwide ...

  • Driving centrifugal compressor technology

    We know you’re no stranger to pressure. Budget pressure. Time pressure. Performance pressure. Pressure challenges us, but it also pushes us to be better. ...

  • Tracerco Diagnostics™

    Providing real time measurement technologies to assist with critical decision making. Tracerco Scanning Services TRU-SCAN® Application. Do you have ...

  • FCC stripper - distribution studies

    A Tracerco Diagnostics™ Distribution study can be performed to identify catalyst and vapor distribution in the stripper. Uniform distribution of ...

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