• PTQ 2020 Media Details

    For 23 years,PTQ’s independent editorial policy and reputation within the industry have allowed us to provide the most relevant content, highlighting ...

  • UOP Callidus Jade burner

    The Jade Burner from UOP Callidus is the first ultra-low NOx Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer Burner designed and built specifically to deliver ultra-low Nox ...

  • Making your plant work smarter

    Cat Tech is at the forefront of new technologies. After years of research we are now unloading and loading catalysts from petroleum processing units faster, ...

  • Ariel CNG compressors

    Ariel compressors are operating in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations around the globe. In over 100 countries, Ariel has built a reputation for safe, ...

  • Tray designs for extreme fouling applications

    Today refiners experience a lot of problems with processing of opportunity or heavy crudes. Such crudes have very high sulfur content and require the addition ...

  • Training solutions for alkylation units

    DuPont alkylation unit training us your key to operational excellence. Training may be difficult to justify when things are running smoothly but if you ...

  • Is pinch enough?

    Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when fuel gas prices were high, energy utilization assumed major importance. A new method of calculating ...

  • Structured packings for distillation, absorption and reactive distillation

    This brochure was reviewed and supplemented recently. It therefore provides a complete, up‑to‑date overview of packings available from Sulzer Chemtech. ...

  • Laby®-GI

    The Laby®-GI has a fully balanced design that eliminates unbalanced moments and forces, so it can be used on offshore vessels and installations. The ...

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