• It’s all in the pores

    Since Standard Oil first demonstrated that mysterious materials called catalysts can deliver a lot more bucks from a barrel of crude, catalysis has played ...

  • Reversing catalyst poisoning

    Residue and shale oil feeds often contain high levels of contaminants that can create a number of challenges for refiners today.

  • Slug catcher debottleneck protects downstream processing (TIA)

    Effective separation of oil and gas from different impurities in upstream operations is a matter of paramount importance. All downstream activities and ...

  • Clean generation

    How new wet NOx technology has responded to increasing 
environmental pressures. One of the major concerns for refineries worldwide is nitrogen oxide ...

  • Revamping atmospheric crude heaters

    Revamp of an atmospheric crude unit heater suffering from coking caused by asphaltene precipitation resulted in an increased heater run length

  • Amine purification system to increase crude processing

    Bringing amine system contaminants down to low levels has reduced operational problems.Refiners experience increased throughput of sour crude by continuously ...

  • VFF-Twin-Pak®

    Extremely low pressure drop with best mass transfer. The VFF-Twin-Pak®, a VFF-patent, is an entirely newly developed high-performance metal tower packing ...

  • Welcome to Watlow

    Watlow was founded in 1922 and was built on the family’s passion to “be the best.” This dedication created a steady stream of new products, ...

  • Clora 2XP: Sub-ppm chlorine analysis

    Clora® 2XP is designed for use with liquid hydrocarbons such as aromatics, distillates, heavy fuels and crude oils, as well as aqueous solutions. The ...

  • Optimus™

    Bulk level and interface measurement. Optimus™ is designed for liquid level, interface and solids monitoring in upstream and downstream vessels. Optimus™ ...

  • How to evaluate, select, and work with a precious metals refiner.

    Precious metals are used in many processes and products for facilitating and/or speeding chemical reactions, pollution abatement, chemical/pharmaceutical ...

  • ULTRA-FRAC® Technology

    Expand your Capacity Not your Vessel. Before the introduction of ULTRA-FRAC® trays, appreciable capacity increases in light hydrocarbon services could ...

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