• Capturing carbon dioxide from refinery streams

    Using hydrogen manufacturing units to demonstrate the relative benefits of technologies for capturing carbon from low and high pressure streams.

  • Options for biojet fuel

    A refiner reviews the available technologies for introducing drop-in 
jet fuel production. Aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or jet fuel, is a specialised ...

  • Oil-to-chemicals: new approaches

    A review of developments and trends in the expanding business of oil-to-chemicals.

  • Refinery CO2 challenges

    How much CO2 can a refinery release into the atmosphere? This is one of the many challenges facing refineries when it comes to reducing CO2 emmisions

  • Predicting corrosion rates in amine and sour water systems

    A chemistry-based predictive model predicts corrosion rates in specific processing conditions. Corrosion is a ubiquitous problem in gas treating in the ...

  • Hydrogen management

    Several possibilities exist for the recovery of hydrogen from offgases and the processing of different sources of refinery gases through the hydrogen plant. ...

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