• Designing deepcut vacuum units that really work

    Every barrel of vacuum gas oil (VGO) you can save from being reduced to coke in the delayed coker unit is a barrel more that can go to the FCCU. That’s ...

  • NADIUS™ 4G

    NADIUS™ 4G is the latest generation of Grace’s market-leading NADIUS™ catalyst family for hydrotreated and straight-run VGO feed applications. ...

  • ACHIEVE® FCC Catalysts

    Grace is expanding its portfolio of catalysts to address the current market challenges, in particular to lower slurry yield to take advantage of distillate ...

  • Fuels analysis made simple

    Analyzing finished fuels and feedstocks is a complicated process traditionally involving multiple analytical techniques, expensive dyes; multiple columns, ...

  • Digitalization manifesto - Now its time

    At KBC we believe in a world where plants operate with: No safety incidents, No unplanned outages, Rigorous adherence to operating plans, Agile response ...

  • On budget, on time, offline

    Flawless project execution will not prevent a unit shutdown due to selecting the wrong metallurgy for a challenging crude slate. No matter how well it ...

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