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Tel : +1 918 201 2656

XRG Technologies is an innovative engineering and procurement firm specializing in fired equipment for the refining, petrochemical, and power markets. We collaborate with our partners to solve complex problems and manage projects from concept to completion.

New Fired Heaters: XRG Technologies will design, supply, and manage your combustion and heat transfer equipment project from concept to completion. Our team will develop the most cost-effective solutions to meet your end goals, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

XRG adds value by bringing a thorough understanding of new technologies which enables us to develop innovative solutions that other companies cannot. XRG guarantees superior performance and reliability by utilizing our proprietary software tools, as well as programs like FRNC-5, CFD and FEA.

We oversee the manufacturing of direct and indirect fired heaters, incinerators, heat exchangers, and specialized related equipment.
Revamps & Retrofits: XRG's team of combustion experts can modify your existing fired heater or combustion equipment to achieve better performance without the need for extensive replacements.
- Thermal efficiency upgrades
- Fuel conversions
- Capacity increases
- Improving safety and reliability
- Emissions reductions
- Heater life / run length extension
- Code and standard compliance (API 560)
- Flame quality improvement
- Coil replacements
- Convection section upgrades
- Addition of air preheater, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), or selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)

Engineering Studies: XRG's team of fired equipment specialists can serve in an advisory role, to develop ways to improve your facilities operation or help you solve specific problems. We specialize in analyzing and suggesting performance improvement opportunities, focusing heavily on eliminating bottlenecks, reducing emissions, and improving mechanical reliability.

Engineering and Procurement: XRG is your single source, cost-effective partner capable of solving complex challenges and managing your project from concept to completion.

By focusing on fired equipment, and through strategic partnerships worldwide, XRG gives you the confidence that your project will be managed and designed properly by engineers who truly understand the fundamentals.

Turnkey Projects: Engineering & Design > Procurement & Fabrication > Construction > Testing & Commissioning

CFD Modeling: XRG Technologies uses cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as an integral part of our design process and to assist with troubleshooting and problem-solving in fired heaters.

Performing a CFD analysis on fired heaters allows XRG to study the current operating conditions to determine science-based solutions for problematic heaters. XRG offers Training for operators, technicians, and engineers on many different topics including combustion fundamentals, air pollutant formation and control, solving flame impingement, heat flux, and fouling issues.

Ask an XRG Expert about your next fired heater project at +1 918 201 2656 or info@xrgtechnologies.com.

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