GEA Wiegand

Powder & Thermal Separation Technologies
Am Hardtwald 1
76275 Ettlingen

Tel : +49 07243 705 0

GEA is a worldwide leader supplier of key solutions for the Refining Industry, constantly innovating to create flexible, future-forward and sustainable solutions that address the challenges and issues of our customers.

We use our proven know-how on continuous processing to help customers meet their demands of faster product development, cost reduction and increased manufacturing flexibility while focusing on quality along the whole product lifecycle -not just at “tested” stages- and understanding the capability of their processes. We know how to adapt our technologies to our customers´ needs and challenges to deliver solutions tailored to the product specifications and the market requirements.

GEA provides tailored process solutions in close dialogue with the customer. Our expertise in technology, process design and engineering, coupled with our knowledge of the Petrochemical Industry, makes us a highly competent partner.

Our key technologies for the industry include:
- Mechanical and Thermal Separation
- Distillation & Rectification
- Melt & Solution Crystallization
- Drying & particle processing
- Vacuum generation

In addition, GEA offers a wide range of technology for Gas Cleaning. This includes:
- Dust collection
- Carbon Capture
- Dry and wet processes for removing gaseous pollutants from process gases, separating heavy metals, abating acid gas, dioxins and furans and other emission-relevant off-gas components.

Evolving alongside the industry, we strive to create cleaner fuels by developing processes that Reduce Emissions and produce renewable fuel sources. GEA’s technologically advanced solutions are often the decisive factor allowing economic success across industries such as:
- Refining
- Petrochemicals
- Gas Processing
- Renewable Fuels

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