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W. R. Grace & Co, a global leader in catalysis, continues to deliver innovative solutions for the Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical industries. To further strengthen our connections to our markets and customers, Grace reorganized its business segments this year, creating the Grace Catalysts Technologies segment, which includes catalysts and related technologies used in refining, petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing applications.

Refining Technologies: W. R. Grace & Co is the global leader for FCC Catalysts and Additives, offering solutions-oriented approaches backed by a broad, highly differentiated portfolio and industry-leading technical service. Grace's research leadership and flexible manufacturing system support value-added technology tailored to meet customers' current and future needs.

Management of rare-earth inflation has been a major focus of the RT business over the last several years. Grace launched 8 no or low rare-earth FCC catalyst and additives in early 2011 and saw rapid market acceptance of the new technologies. The market has since experienced a similar rapid decline in rare-earth price, in response to new supply of the light rare-earth elements, and weak demand as a result of substitution efforts in both FCC and other industries. FCC customers are beginning to shift back to higher rare earth in their catalyst formulations; however many customers choose to remain on the low rare-earth formulations due to the realized yield benefits.

Advanced Refining Technologies: (ART), the joint venture between Chevron Products Company and Grace, was created to develop state of the art Hydroprocessing Catalysts. ART combines Grace's Material Science, Manufacturing, marketing and sales strength with Chevron’s extensive experience operating its own refineries and leadership in technology, design and process licensing.

ART continues to grow and plan for the future, having recently introduced four new catalysts. For distillate hydrotreating, there is 545DX for enhanced ULSD run length and 425DX for enhanced ULSD performance at low pressure. For fixed bed resid hydrotreating units, ICR 173 is a new deep MCR and S conversion catalyst, and HCRC™( High Catalytic Resid Conversion) Technology delivers higher catalytic and lower thermal conversion for ebullating bed resid hydrocracking units.

In addition, ART is expanding and upgrading its plants to produce these new catalysts and future ones that are currently under development. These products are being designed to help refiners meet the challenges of the expected growth in demand for diesel and other low-sulfur fuels, while continuing to further upgrade the bottom of the barrel.

In addition to its manufacturing facilities in the United States and Japan, ART serves the Middle East/Arabian Gulf region through a key toll manufacturing partnership with Kuwait Catalyst Company, in which it also owns an equity stake.

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