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  • 2020 ERTC Newspaper

    2020 ERTC Newspaper


    2030 isn’t long off – the future of advanced biofuels --- Covid-19 provides a warning to refiners that adaption is key to thrive in the energy transition --- Profitably complying with RED II: A Q&A with Shell biofuel technology specialists --- Beyond the renewable energy directive (RED) II: introduction to future of sustainable biochemicals --- Energy transition: solving a global problem requires a holistic pursuit --- Adding value with catalyst testing – supporting refineries in challenging times --- Rare earths weaponised: the impact on FCC units from an escalation in global trade tensions --- Arkema develops new digital features for the sulphiding of hydroprocessing catalysts --- Versatile performance with BioFlux renewable diesel --- Precious metals recycling: quality of service --- Isomalk-2: a low-temperature, non-chlorinated light naphtha isomerisation process.


  • Q4 2020

    Q4 2020


    Q&A, FCC catalyst boosts bottoms upgrade ... Halide corrosion in hydroprocessing Mitigating corrosion with a digital twin ... Should you rely on your simulation results? ... Process safety time for fired heaters ... The hazards of fired heater flooding ... Realities of heat flux in fired heaters ... Recovering hydrogen and LPG from off-gases ... IIoT in energy optimisation ... SMR for fuel cell grade hydrogen ... Column revamp boosts diesel production ... Raising diesel yield by chemical treatment ... Selecting turboexpanders for PDH ... Digitalisation for improved operations ... Furnace cleaning by robots ... Technology In Action.

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  • Revamps



    Effective preparation for turnarounds ... Hydrocracker revamp lifts product flexibility ... High performance internals in severe service ... Start-up and shutdown issues in sulphur processing ... Modelling ensures a successful revamp ... lanning a turnaround that fits ... Revamping an integrated hydrocracker and lube base oil unit.


  • Q3 2020

    Q3 2020


    Spending your way out ... Q&A ... Capturing carbon dioxide from refinery streams ... Heat exchanger fouling analytics ... Planning to counter economic turbulence ... IMO 2020: meeting the challenge ... Protect control valves when production slows ... Real-time crude and desalter monitoring ... Improving turnarounds and operations with online cleaning ... Molecular management for refinery-petrochemical complexes ... Remote management of hydrogen production ... More petrochemicals with less capital spending ... Types of corrosion and materials to combat them ... Boosting mild hydrocracking performance ... Troubleshooting premature tower flooding ... Managing the life cycle of coke drums ... Technology In Action.


  • Q2 2020

    Q2 2020


    Duel dilema ... Q2 Q&A ... Evolution of a digital twin. Part 2: Use of the digital twin ... Improving hydrotreater performance with welded plate heat exchangers ... Cross-unit APC boosts downstream performance ... Steam reforming catalysts raise production efficiency ... Oil-to-chemicals: new approaches ... Model predictive control in a lube oil complex ... When excess air becomes too much ... Increase hydrogen production during a turnaround ... Managing a control system migration ... Increase duty in tube side condensers ... Downtime damages environmental performance too ... Back-up for water treatment ... Petrochemicals from refinery intermediates – beyond polyolefins.


  • Gas 2020

    Gas 2020


    To flare or not ... Gas Q&A ... Contamination in gas compression: causes, effects, and solutions ... Amine cleaning in gas treating ... Revamping the sulphur plant ... Efficiency factors in natural gas fired steam boilers ... Gas analysis in petrochemical production ... Growth by association ... Technology In Action.


  • Catalysis 2020

    Catalysis 2020


    It's all in the pores ... Catalysis Q&A ... FCC catalyst accelerates bottoms upgrading ... Developments in refining catalysts ... Boosting hydrocracker heavy feed conversion ... Pilot plant studies of hydrotreating catalysts ... Resid to propylene: the two-step approach ... FCC equilibrium catalyst analysis ... Pre-reformer catalyst in a hydrogen plant.


  • Q1 2020

    Q1 2020


    Evolution of a digital twin. Part 1: the concept ... Dividing wall technology in distillation columns ... SMR integration with increased CO2 production ... Dealing with more sulphur post-IMO 2020 ... How refiners can optimise for IMO 2020 ... Preparing for the energy transition ... Cleaning heater convection tubes ... Revamping a crude distillation unit ... Estimating delayed coker yields ... High octane isomerates from light naphtha ... Chloride management in reformer product streams ... Developing a modular SAGD design ... Value from data.

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