Number: 108


  • Q2 2022

    Q2 2022


    Emerging opportunities ... Q&A ... Meeting future Indian gasoline market demands ... Achieving 95% direct CO reduction for hydrogen plants ... Digital twin optimises FCC operations for real separator behaviour ... Revamp of a methanol wash column ... Importance of testing for vacuum ejectors in refinery service ... Rejuvenated catalysts optimise refinery margins in high ... Continuous operational tuning of refinery fired heaters ... Using future rows capacity to debottleneck fired heaters ... Artificial intelligence for sustainable development ... Energy management and sustainability of the downstream industry ... Technology in Action.

  • Gas 2022

    Gas 2022


    Breaking the code for increased LNG production ... Worldwide gas industry goes full throttle ... Digital twins heat up the capabilities of energy storage plants ... Beyond hydrogen ... Stahl columns – an alternative to molecular sieves? ... Ceramic coating application in a refinery steam ... Economical structural design of natural gas ... Continuing role of natural gas.

  • Catalysis 2022

    Catalysis 2022


    Catalysis Q&A ... Transition to net zero: steps to decarbonise the oil refining industry ... Study of CCRU first reformer reactor ∆P behaviour using multiple linear regression ... Performance of titania based tail gas catalyst at start-up ... Fiber based specialty catalyst material maximises surface area and catalyst contact ... Low-cost mesoporous zeolites deliver catalytic benefits ... Co-processing renewable and recyclable feedstocks in the FCC unit ... Data quality obtained in refinery catalyst testing ... Forming a sustainable catalyst partnership.

  • Q1 2022

    Q1 2022


    Tidings of some comfort ... PTQ&A ... From bench scale to commercial unit ... Refinery off-gas in hydrogen production ... Scaling up an isomerisation catalyst ... Optimising heat recovery in a heat exchanger network ... A simple ejector modification ... Corrosion control in ethylene plants ... Hydrogen production with lower carbon emissions ... Steam ring redesign improves FCC bottoms stability ... Olefins removal at lower cost ... Optimising processes and operations for CO2 emissions reduction ... The cost of hydrogen production ... The role of biofuels in the energy transition.

  • 2021 ERTC Newspaper - Day 2

    2021 ERTC Newspaper - Day 2


    Shaping the future of refining with advanced technologies ... The carbon negatives: impact of increasing carbon and coke in spent precious metals catalysts ... Optimising hydrotreating catalyst reuse with Excel rejuvenation technology: a circular economy story ... Value engineering: a continuous front-end process ... How to successfully upgrade plastic pyrolysis oil and make it suitable for a steam cracker ... Advanced biofuels: where are the long-term Opportunities? ... A streamlined approach for FCC catalyst and additive management and order fulfilment ... Game-changing catalytic dewaxing : Zeopore reaches 30°C cloud point improvement ... Controlling hyper-active catalysts with amine injection.

  • 2021 ERTC Newspaper - Day 1

    2021 ERTC Newspaper - Day 1


    Building blocks to zero emissions ... Getting European refining fit for 55 ... Decarbonising refining: key insights from Pernis refinery ... Sulphur spiking agents for hydroprocessing units activation - Renewing the fight against phosphorus ... From refining to chemicals, a switch of the yield in four stages ... Female faces of the refinery boardroom ... Energy efficiency: project optimisation through proven tools and practices ... Environmental impact of the precious metal value chain on refineries ... Catalytic benefits of mesoporised zeolites ... Sustainable process recovers ultra high purity styrene from waste polystyrene ... Refiners weigh opportunities for circular asset decarbonisation polymer production ... Precious metals catalyst management: measuring quality of service.

  • Q4 2021

    Q4 2021


    PTQ&A ... Premature foam-flood in an amine absorber: Part 2 ... Carbon capture with least opex and capex ... FCC pathways to co-processing ... Optimising refinery margins with rejuvenated catalysts ... Improved SOx reduction in partial burn FCC ... Mitigating overhead corrosion and reducing downstream costs ... A modular approach to technology enhancements ... Oxygen enrichment in the petrochemicals Industry ... Turquoise hydrogen production by methane pyrolysis ... 50 years of industrial gas treatment ... Sludge dewatering technologies ... The digital route to sustainability ... A model for refinery profitability ... Retrofitting the thermal stage of a SRU unit ... Convection section retrofit ... Preventing corrosion with membrane degassing ... Intelligent signalling.

  • Revamps 2021

    Revamps 2021


    Hydroprocessing routes for flexible residue upgrading ... FCC petrochemicals production at minimum capex ... Impact of not integrating capex in shutdowns ... Updating fluid systems ... High capacity valves for distillation towers ... Turnaround at a crude unit.

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