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  • Q3 2024

    Q3 2024


    Keeping refineries profitable ... ptq&a ... Hydrogen recovery from ROG Part 2: membrane separation and compression ... Navigating corrosion challenges in column overhead systems ... Ultra-low entrainment spray nozzles for use in packing wash applications ... Hybrid model of gasoline blend ... Co-processing renewable feeds in hydrodesulphurisation units: Part 2 ... Transforming packed column efficiency ... Controlling FCC SOx emissions with SOx reduction additive technology ... Sour gas and liquid treatments: Sulphur recovery and removal ... Data-driven approach to steam-to-carbon ratio optimisation for the HGU ... Carbon cost driving refineries to rethink fired heater specifications ... Deactivation of FCC catalysts ... Blue hydrogen a low-carbon energy carrier: Part 2 ... Pyrolysis: Defossilation of the chemical industry with plastic waste – a case for collaboration ... Vessel internals enhance worker safety during plant turnarounds ... Radiometric principles in monitoring refining and petrochemical operations.

  • Q2 2024

    Q2 2024


    Keeping refineries profitable ... ptq&a ... Optimising furnace run length in a steam cracker using AI ... Dryout design considerations for cryogenic gas plants: Part 2 ... FCC co-processing of biogenic and recyclable feedstocks: Part 2 ... Revamping a conventional naphtha splitter to a dividing wall column ... A refinery’s strategic journey towards sustainability ... SAF production via co-processing in the kerosene hydrotreater ... Flexible downscaling of MAPD removal from C3/C4 olefin streams ... Sulphur reduction, sulphur removal, and spent caustic reuse ... Optimising compressor dry gas seal line design in FEED stage ... Integrating refining/petrochemicals for increased chemicals production ... Blue hydrogen – a low-carbon energy carrier: Part 1 ... Effect of redundancy/voting in SIL calculation ... Co-processing renewable feeds in hydrodesulphurisation units ... Emerging LOHC technology ... Innovative vessel internals for enhanced safety when changing media beds.

  • Gas 2024 Issue

    Gas 2024 Issue


    LNG accelerating the low-carbon energy transition … Dryout design considerations for cryogenic gas plants: Part 1 … Optimise sulphur recovery plant emissions during unit upset conditions … ‘On the fly’ vs high-performance H₂S selective solvent … Steam methane reformer tube lifecycle improvement best practices … Testing and effects of pipeline chemicals on gas processing facilities … Hydrogen recovery from refinery off-gas – Part 1: An overview.

  • Catalysis 2024

    Catalysis 2024


    Resiliency of fossil-based feedstocks … Catalysis Q&A ... Incorporating new technology and tools for catalyst development … FCC co-processing of biogenic and recyclable feedstocks: Part I … Passivating vanadium in FCC operations … Hybrid catalyst loading reduces fill cost and carbon footprint … Catalyst rejuvenation offers circular solution for hydroprocessing catalysts … Catalyst technology for maximum light olefins and ultra-low emissions … Experimental study on diesel fuel haziness … Troubleshooting low or high regenerator temperatures … Zeopore is making its mark in green applications through zeolite modification.

  • Q1 2024

    Q1 2024


    Challenges to chemical recycling of plastic waste ... PTQ&A ... Adding CHP to refinery power infrastructures ... Filtration and separation for industrial carbon capture, transport, and storage ... Overcoming wastewater challenges of opportunity crude processing ... Biofilm: A hidden threat ... Simulating FCC upset operations ... Refractory detection system and floating roof protection ... Crude to chemicals: Part 2 ... Revolutionising refining with digital twins ... Optimising nitrogen utilisation in refinery operations ... Simulating VGO, WLO, and WCO co-hydroprocessing: Part 2 ... Considerations for crude unit preflash drums and preflash towers ... Hydrogenation technology and catalysts reduce PVC byproducts ... Worker safety when entering reactors with an inert atmosphere ... Pump operating issue case study: Identifying the poor performance root cause ... Combining Prime-G+ and GT-BTX PluS to upgrade a refinery with crucial operating Flexibility.

  • ERTC Newspaper

    ERTC Newspaper


    CCS and hydrogen for decarbonisation ... Reduce, reuse, and repurpose: Minor changes for major results ... Predictive model for maximum feedstock flexibility ... maintenance and calibration intervals with accurate instruments and analysis systems ... Thoughts about leadership in the energy transition times ... ReNewFine for renewable diesel and SAF: Results of a 20-year partnership in 100% HVO ... Transforming a refinery unit into a key component of end-of-life plastic circularity ... REFuelEU has set the rules for SAF in the EU:Refineries now need a game plan for success ... Which future? Using scenario analysis to explore national pathways to decarbonisation ... Balancing act of managing a refinery: New technology vs increasing revenue. Conversion to a green refinery configuration: Assessing options, risks, and viability ... Recycling PVC production byproducts can unlock financial and environmental savings ... Precious metal catalyst sampling: Not a trivial pursuit ... Reducing environmental impact of FCCs with wet gas scrubbers by using SOx additives.

  • Refining India Newspaper

    Refining India Newspaper


    Guiding the crude-to-chemicals complex towards a net-zero future ... Nuclear gauges and alternative level technologies in critical refinery applications Applications ... How to keep your risk-based inspection program functioning efficiently ... Benefits of spiral and welded plate heat exchangers ... Enhancing environmental sustainability in the oil and gas industry: the REE concept ... Hybrid loading of regenerated and fresh catalyst for a lower carbon footprint ... Novel reactor for three-phase hydroprocessing applications ... Transforming hydrogen production for a greener future with water electrolysis ... K Model: The future of blending ... Increasing chemicals by integrating refinery with petrochemicals ... Used lubricating oil in India: treasure or trash? ... Enhancing profitability using high-efficiency heat exchangers ... Cost-driven natural gas vs hydrogen power for generators ... CO₂-derived bio-based polycarbonate: A route towards sustainability.

  • Q4 2023

    Q4 2023


    Cost factors to consider in 2024 ... Q&A Feature ... An economically attractive carbon capture solution for FCC ... Catalyst testing for renewable fuels and chemicals ... Transforming refineries’ opportunities through FCC ... Crude to chemicals: Part 1 – The basic concept of crudes ... Olefin purification: Why selecting the right adsorbent matters ... Closed-loop sampling systems can lower fugitive emission levels ... Identifying high catalyst losses ... Simulation VGO and waste lubricating/cooking oil co-hydroprocessing ... Big changes in the US octane market ... Managing life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking in refining ... Optimising fouled distillation units ... Estimating natural gas demand at a petrochemical complex ... Assessing LNG feed gas depressurisation ... Enabling safe FCC unit operational changes through ionic modelling ... Control corrosion in refineries and petrochemical plants ... Technology in Action.

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