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  • ERTC 2022 Newspaper

    ERTC 2022 Newspaper


    Where does future growth lie? ... Refiners weighing opportunities for circular polymer production ... What about a CBAM for the refining industry? ... Sustainable energy management is becoming increasingly important for refineries ... Take-off for cleaner skies starts now with SAF ... Pivoting to chemicals while decarbonising today ... An FCC sustainability game changer ... Insights from Shell Rheinland’s transition to net zero ... Precious metals: managing the markets in a changing world ... Facilitating adoption of carbon capture on FCC flue gas ... Hydroprocessing catalysts sulphiding with DMDS: Carelflex® Connect brings more than IIoT ... Sustainable aviation fuel: prepare for take-off! ... Environmental and economical benefits of improving amine unit operations ... Using reactivated hydroprocessing catalysts in TGTUs for financial and sustainability rewards ... Decarbonising liquid fuels with BioFlux Technologies ... Repsol uses Control Tower solution to manage its integrated business value chain ... Mesoporous zeolites deliver catalytic benefits.

  • Refining India 2022 Conference Newspaper

    Refining India 2022 Conference Newspaper


    Meeting the Indian demand for petrochemicals ... Indigenous technologies pave the way for crude oil-to-chemicals transition ... Three steps to optimise fractionator performance with plate technology ... DWC technology for improved separation and reduced CO₂ emissions ... Precious metals: managing the markets in a changing world ... Digitalisation on cloud ... Recovery of ammonia from sour gases and conversion to valuable products ... Digital transformation of component repair boosts compressor uptime ... Efficient and cost-effective amine purification process ... Catalyst technologies for enhancing profitability in the energy transition ... SprayMax FCC feed injection nozzles ... Advancing industries through materials technology ... Development and commercialisation of superabsorbent polymer technology ... Smarter and safer sulphur for refinery & petrochemical plants with SULSAFE ... Comprehensive energy efficiency improvement and benchmarking studies.

  • Revamps 2022

    Revamps 2022


    Revamps Q&A ... Identifying the root cause of underperforming ejector systems ... Crude preheat train fouling and fix-up ... Safer and efficient combustion for fired heaters and boilers ... Chemical cleaning and fouling removal technologies ... Life or death of the PSA ... Tools for FCC unit troubleshooting.

  • Q4 2022

    Q4 2022


    Diversification strategies beyond 2023 ... PTQ&A ... Biogas to biomethane ... High throughput experimentation meets chlorine chemistry ... Navigating environmental complexities at pace ... Needle coke – overcoming quality challenges in a resurgent market ... Future refinery complexes built using an integrated approach ... Demystifying digital transformation ... Rejuvenate profits and support sustainability with reused catalysts ... Considerations for repurposing a fuel-grade coker into a needle coker ... Fast response to urgent need for a wastewater solution ... Economics of refining catalysts ... Design of sulphur recovery units ... Technology in Action.

  • Q3 2022

    Q3 2022


    The energy transition: maybe later? ... PTQ&A ... Capital priorities in the downstream industry ... Enhancing flexibility in two-stage hydrocrackers ... A step change in feed nozzle design ... Biofeed co-processing for fuel production ... Stationing an operator at a pressure safety valve bypass ... Role of FCC process and catalysts in the energy transition ... Challenges with carbon disulphide removal in petrochemical naphtha ... Optimising oil and gas operations – when to decommission or modernise ... New graphical procedure to design reactor supports used in industry ... FCC unit yield improvement with artificial intelligence ... Production optimisation for refining and olefins: how best to achieve it ... Technology in Action.

  • Q2 2022

    Q2 2022


    Emerging opportunities ... Q&A ... Meeting future Indian gasoline market demands ... Achieving 95% direct CO reduction for hydrogen plants ... Digital twin optimises FCC operations for real separator behaviour ... Revamp of a methanol wash column ... Importance of testing for vacuum ejectors in refinery service ... Rejuvenated catalysts optimise refinery margins in high ... Continuous operational tuning of refinery fired heaters ... Using future rows capacity to debottleneck fired heaters ... Artificial intelligence for sustainable development ... Energy management and sustainability of the downstream industry ... Technology in Action.

  • Gas 2022

    Gas 2022


    Breaking the code for increased LNG production ... Worldwide gas industry goes full throttle ... Digital twins heat up the capabilities of energy storage plants ... Beyond hydrogen ... Stahl columns – an alternative to molecular sieves? ... Ceramic coating application in a refinery steam ... Economical structural design of natural gas ... Continuing role of natural gas.

  • Catalysis 2022

    Catalysis 2022


    Catalysis Q&A ... Transition to net zero: steps to decarbonise the oil refining industry ... Study of CCRU first reformer reactor ∆P behaviour using multiple linear regression ... Performance of titania based tail gas catalyst at start-up ... Fiber based specialty catalyst material maximises surface area and catalyst contact ... Low-cost mesoporous zeolites deliver catalytic benefits ... Co-processing renewable and recyclable feedstocks in the FCC unit ... Data quality obtained in refinery catalyst testing ... Forming a sustainable catalyst partnership.

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