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Blasch Precision Ceramics is an advanced refractories company specializing in the design and manufacture of close tolerance, complex net shapes and strives to take an engineering problem solving approach to Improving Refractory Performance.

Blasch is able to do this by utilizing a proprietary Injection molding process that allows for almost complete freedom of design, and yields components exhibiting exceptional Thermal Shock resistance and remarkable consistency, in terms of physical properties as well as dimensional tolerances.

Blasch developed the precast hexagonal and square head Ferrule Systems in response to requests from the field to address cracking in large tubesheets utilizing the traditional round ferrule and castable approach. Believing that the key to refractory success is thermal expansion management, Blasch was able to design a system that utilized individual precast ferrules that are carefully sized to allow for repeated thermal cycling without the buildup of stresses that one would find in a monolithic castable or mortared ferrule system. Indeed, the ability to limit the transmission of thermal stresses across large sections of tubesheet allow for operation with much greater confidence of very large and very high temperature units, particularly those that see repeated cycling. These precast ferrules are used in such applications as Claus sulfur recovery units, sulfuric acid plants, reformers, and incinerators in various services.

The Blasch HexWallTM Checkerwall was designed in much the same way; as a result of repeated requests to develop a precast refractory checkerwall that was mechanically stable over the long run in a variety of sizes and in even the highest temperatures. Conventional checkerwall designs leave much to be desired in that respect. In contrast to that, the HexWallTM Checkerwall consists of a series of hexagonally shaped blocks that are stacked horizontally one atop the other and lock together through the use of a series of tabs and slots to provide considerable mechanical advantage.

With the success of the HexwallTM Checkerwall, attention turned to functionality of these walls and their actual impact on process output, and a version called the VectorWallTM was developed that could be configured to create an almost endless series of customized flow fields within reaction furnaces and thermal oxidizers. Some users report yield increases on the order of 50% with no additional modification. These precast walls are used in high temperature reaction furnaces located in Claus sulfur recovery units, sulfuric acid plants, and incinerators in various services.

Blasch also supplies a number of custom refractory shapes for use in Reforming Furnaces, Burners, Pilots, Flares and a wide range of abrasive chemical processes.

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