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Hydrocarbon processing is a demanding industry, and applications need accurate, reliable measurement instruments that can operate continuously in often challenging environments.

Analyzer solutions fulfill a range of functions including helping to control processes, increase efficiency, improve safety, and monitor harmful emissions. They can reduce operational costs and support better product quality.

Advanced Technologies for a Range of Applications
With decades of experience, AMETEK Process Instruments offers an extensive range of gas and moisture analyzers. These unique technologies and advanced designs provide the critical measurements needed to optimize processes, ensuring high quality products in safe operating conditions.

Key applications include:
 - Continuous Catalyst Regeneration
 - Emission Compliance
 - Ethylene Oxide
 - Ethylene Production
 - Marine Fuel
 - Power & Steam Boilers
 - Process/Fired Heaters
 - Refining
 - Sour Gas Treatment
 - Sulfur Recovery
 - Sulfuric Acid Production

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