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At Process Consulting Services, we consistently deliver reliable designs that give our Clients the flexibility they need to process their desired crude feedstocks. Our engineers are specialists in their fields. We have been designing Crude and Vacuum Units day in and day out for many years. Because our core group of engineers have worked on many different units over the years, we are able to incorporate years of institutional learning into our designs and specifications. Our designs lead to maximum yield of high value products, minimum energy consumption, optimum product quality, and the flexibility needed to process opportunity crudes. We do not believe that it is possible to have a robust, reliable, and profitable design without the right process flow scheme and equipment specifications.

In much of the world today refiners want to process heavy crudes such as Canadian Oil Sands, Venezuelan, and Middle East crudes. In the United States, light, tight sands crudes such as Eagle Ford offer increased profitability for refiners. In any case, these crudes are difficult to process. Heavy, high TAN, viscous crudes present one set of challenges, whereas light crudes containing solids, drilling fluids, phosphate esters, waxes and other contaminants offer another set of challenges and often lead to six month run lengths. Each category of crude has unique characteristics. Process Consulting Services understands the challenges associated with different crudes from around the world. Experience and lessons learned from past jobs make our process and equipment design superior and allow our clients to overcome the problems associated with different crudes to achieve their run length and product quality goals.

Since 1994, Process Consulting Services has worked on more than 100 CDU/VDU Revamps and Grassroots Units. We have also completed many projects involving Lube Vacuum, FCC, Delayed Coker, visbreaker, saturate gas plant, and product treating units. In this era of increasingly difficult to process opportunity crudes, our experience leads to reliability and profitability for our Clients. Our main services are Scoping Studies, Feasibility Studies, and Process Design Packages. For clients who hire us to provide a process design package, we can also provide detailed engineering support, inspection services, and start-up support.

Our clients hire us to apply our expertise to increase their profits. Process and equipment design is our livelihood, and we strive to consistently deliver quality work on time and to exceed our clients' expectations. At Process Consulting Services, we deliver reliable designs that give our clients the flexibility they need to process their desired feedstocks.