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Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, is an innovative industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions to identify process industry problems. Tracerco provides a range of process diagnostic services and specialist measurement solutions worldwide to the refining and petrochemical industries. Our portfolio of products and services allow customers to increase production rates, lower production costs and increase companies' environmental compliance. Tracerco offices are placed around the world in key oil and gas regions. We understand the cultural and economic demands of operating in different geographies and environments and our experts are never far away.
Online Process Diagnostics to troubleshoot process problems or optimise process volume throughput.
Tracerco services keep process systems online, diagnose processing problems or optimise operational parameters allowing customers to maximise product output at minimum cost. The power of the technology is in its ability to “see through” vessel walls allowing us to determine what is happening inside a particular process system without the need to shut down, essentially providing insight onsite. Our most common applications include mass transfer diagnostics (Tru-Scan™ and Tru-Grid™ Scan), pipe system blockage detection (ThruPipe™ Scan), liquid and solids level measurement (PhaseFinder™), vacuum system leak detection, heat exchanger leak testing (Tracerco Diagnostics™ Leak Study) and flow rate measurement (Tracerco Diagnostics™ Flow Study).
Identifying FCCU operational and mechanical issues at an early stage leads to greater efficiency and higher profitability.
Tracerco has performed hundreds of FCCU Studies worldwide to help diagnose operational problems and efficiently plan unit turnaround needs. Tracerco’s advanced scanning and tracer technologies are used to measure the velocity, distribution and residence time of the catalyst or vapour phase through any part of the system. This includes testing to determine the efficiency in the riser, termination devices efficiency, and diagnose potential issues with cyclones or distribution devices. Each project is performed online and customised to provide the information needed to optimise or troubleshoot your specific process.
Tracerco Instrumentation optimises production across the entire refinery.
Tracerco provides a range of Advanced Instrumentation to the process industry, including instruments for level, density and phase measurement. Custom designed to meet the needs of specific applications, our instruments provide accurate Level, Density and Interface visualisation, allowing operators to obtain a better understanding of vessel fluid dynamics in order to maximise throughput, enhance safety and reduce downtime.
As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, Tracerco provides all manner of technical support for our instrumentation via our Life Cycle Management (LCM) Initiative. Through support contracts, source recycling and upgrades to obsolete equipment, operators can be confident in the knowledge of their asset condition – mitigating any uncertainty or safety risks.
Applying 60 Years of Troubleshooting Experience to Solve your Process Problems Online and in Real Time.