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Founded in 1922, Watlow strives to be the leading provider of thermal solutions for the world's most demanding applications. Utilizing our advanced technology, leading companies apply our thermal systems which are ideally suited for vital applications such as clean and environmentally-friendly energy systems and processes, front-end semiconductor processing and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment.

Watlow provides best in class engineering expertise and leading thermal products that enable customers to thrive. Watlow provides Energy Process equipment engineers with innovative electrical Heaters, Sensors and Controllers which enable a competitive edge for Oil, Gas, Power Generation market leaders as well as LNG and Hydrocarbon Industry and Energy Storage. We accomplish this through world-class FEED-to-FIELD documentation, project management, integrated thermal products and technical support.

Customers around the world use Watlow thermal products and solutions within their own equipment to generate, measure and control the delivery of heat. Our Heaters, Sensors and Controllers are developed through an intense focus to understand the job our customer is trying to do and what is most valuable to them. Since 1922 the world's leading companies have consistently relied on Watlow to provide breakthrough solutions that deliver a competitive advantage and enable sustainable market growth. Our largest markets include semiconductor processing, Energy Process, diesel emissions, foodservice equipment, medical and clinical diagnostics and environmental chambers. Our team provides engineering excellence and support to the Power Generation industry. We focus heavily on thermal solutions for stationary fuel cells, fuel gas, steam superheating, and lube oil and can provide standard product offerings or develop custom integrated system solutions.

Global supplier of Thermal Solutions for Energy Processing:
- Watlow's HELIMAX® heat exchanger (launch date: spring 2020) provides superior performance. It offers more efficient heat transfer and eliminates pressure drop sensitivity as well as coking issues
- Watlow's OPTIMAX® electric heat exchanger helps you achieve a more efficient CAPEX
- WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks.
- Watlow’s HYDROSAFE® Indirect Electric Heat Exchanger for Dry Gas Seal Applications can be adapted to a variety of conditions

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