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ITW was founded in 1999 by transformation of MEG S.r.l., a company operating in the field of applied research, to implement the technologies developed by MEG and used in various industrial sectors. All ITW technologies are covered by various patents. Among the patents owned by ITW include those that are of interest in the field of refining and petrochemicals.

At the very beginning, MEG philosophy has been to license out the technologies to companies operating in the refining and petrochemical industry. However, given our advanced and unique technologies, ITW determined to expand the business by directly providing the turnkey application of the technologies.

Following the development of a powerful technology for asphaltene stabilization, ITW then became an operating company in the field of industrial cleaning and remediation. This technology was first used for cleaning heavily contaminated tanks containing large quantities of sludge, tar, and coke-like material. Further developments of the technology have resulted in plant and equipment cleaning applications.

The development of these unique technologies, such as ITW Online Cleaning, ITW Onstream Cleaning and ITW Improved Degassing / Decontamination, have placed ITW on the world stage of industrial cleaning for both Operational Excellence and Turnaround improvement.

ITW provides the following services
- ITW Online Cleaning
- ITW Onstream Cleaning
- OpEx Improvement
- Degassing and Decontamination
- Turnaround Improvement
- Polymer Modification
- Ethylene furnace run length increase (Naphtha Cracker)
- Distillation Yield Increase in Delayed Coking Units
- Coke on Catalyst Reduction
- Tank Cleaning
- Heat Stable Salts Cleaning and Prevention
- Online Cleaning of Texas Towers and Feed / Effluent Exchangers
- Asphaltene Stabilization
- SHF Reduction
- Chemical Treatments
- Combustion
- Chemical Cleaning
- Diesel Particulate and NOx reduction
- Tailor Made Solutions

Within the following markets
Refining, Petrolchemicals, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Fields, Maritime Industry, Reclamation and Environmental Restoration and Transportation Industry.

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