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Driving optimal performance worldwide. Topsoe is a leading Catalyst Supplier and technology licenser. Our solutions drive performance and ultimately bottom line profitability for our customers worldwide. During the past 75 years, we have served the world’s top Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, and the Power Industry. Our advanced solutions and services have helped customers operate efficiently and safely while increasing revenues and reducing costs.

Comprehensive Refining Capabilities: Topsoe understands what matters most: keeping key processing units running optimally. Customers benefit from our integrated solutions, which include Reactor Internals, Grading Materials, High Performance Catalysts, Process Design, Licensing, and Engineering Services that combined ensure optimal performance with a single point of responsibility.

Our process solutions are backed by fundamental Research and modeling tools to optimize each customer’s operations. With one of the broadest Catalyst Portfolios available, as well as tailored solutions for revamps and grassroots units, we can deliver the right solution — no matter what the challenge.

Developing new and improved products to keep pace with changing customer needs is made possible by our fundamental understanding of catalyst behavior at the nanoscale.

Frontrunners in Hydrotreating: Topsoe works across the entire spectrum of Hydrotreating — from naphtha to heavy residue. More than 150 hydroprocessing units have been licensed by Topsoe, and we have more than 220 current Ultra Low Sulfur diesel (ULSD) hydrotreating catalyst references. 40% of the world’s ULSD is produced with Topsoe catalysts.

Fueling Sustainability: The conversion of biomass and waste materials into drop-in ultra-low sulfur diesel and A1 jet fuel has become increasingly important due to regulatory and environmental challenges. These factors, as well as Topsoe’s commitment to sustainability, inspired Topsoe to develop HydroFlex™ process technology and a specialized catalyst portfolio. HydroFlex™ provides full feedstock flexibility, so now refineries can reliably produce clean fuels from a wide range of Renewable Feeds with confidence. Our process can be deployed either as stand-alone units or for co-processing with fossil feedstocks. Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ solutions for renewable fuel production have been in operation for many years in more than 20 units.

Hydrocracking Excellence: Topsoe is a global catalyst and technology supplier for hydrocracking processes. We have designed a number of grassroots Hydrocracking units as well as revamped existing hydrocracking units for higher capacity and/or different product requirements. We license single-stage, separate hydrotreating and two-stage hydrocracking process solutions, as well as our solution for heavy polynuclear aromatic management; HPNA TrimTM, to reduce unconverted oil purge rates and achieve true full conversion (>99%).

Since 2001, over 80 loads of hydrocracking catalysts have been deployed in more than 45 Hydrocracking units, including some of the largest, around the world.

Beyond Hydroprocessing: Topsoe's technology and catalyst portfolio goes beyond Hydroprocessing. We provide solutions for Hydrogen Supply, Sulfur Management, and NOx Emissions Reduction. Topsoe offers high performance Hydrogen plants and catalysts and for capacities ranging from 5,000 to more than 200,000 Nm3/h hydrogen with focus on low energy consumption. Our WSA and SNOX™ technologies remove sulfur and NOx from flue gases, recover the SOx as concentrated sulfuric acid and reduce the NOx to free nitrogen and water. Topsoe’s SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) DeNOx process is the most efficient and leading solution in the refining industry for NOx reduction from flue gases from boilers, process heaters and FCC units.

With Knowledge Comes Profit: Getting the most out of high-value refinery processes required operational excellence. Topsoe brings the insights and proven catalysts and technologies that help refineries increase reliability and profitably. Bring us your biggest challenges - we are here to help you meet the evolving demands of the refining industry.

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