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Merichem® offers proven solutions for sulfur treating, the treatment of other impurities, and the management of spent caustic products in their process streams for beneficial reuse.

Downstream: Hydrocarbon treatment solutions for oil and gas applications, chemical and petrochemical plants. Merichem® provides complete treatment units designed and built to your specifications. Merichem® also provides solutions for treatment of spent caustics including both technology solutions and caustic handling solutions.

Midstream: Direct treatment solutions for most types of gas streams, including air, natural gas, CO2, acid gas, biogas, landfill gas, refinery gas, and more.

Biofuels & Renewables: Established solutions for sulfur extraction in the production of renewable fuels, minimizing your sulfur footprint and reducing your operating costs while streamlining your path to economic viability.

Specialty Applications: Industry-specific applications providing 99.9-percent H2S removal efficiency from most acid gas streams using our patented LOCAT® technology.

Technology Solutions - Merichem® offers a variety of proven solutions for the treatment of sulfur and other impurities.

AMINEX - Amine Extraction of Contaminants: Removes acid gas and carbonyl sulfide from LPG-type liquid and gas streams.

AQUAFINING - Water-Based Extraction of Impurities: Removes soluble organic and inorganic impurities from liquid hydrocarbon streams.

ESTEREX - Acid Extraction of Contaminants: Removes neutral and acidic ester compounds from alkylation reactor product streams.

FIBER FILM® Contactor - Mass Transfer Technology: Patented Contactor that eliminates the problems associated with conventional dispersion and phase separation methods.

LO-CAT® - Sulfur Recovery Technology: Removes hydrogen sulfide from sour gas vapor streams using a patented liquid redox system.

MERICAT - Caustic Sweetening of Mercaptan Compounds: Used in gasoline / naphtha, condensate and crude oil streams for the sweetening of mercaptan compounds.

MERICAT II / MERICAT J - Caustic Sweetening of Heavy Mercaptans: Proven solutions for sweetening heavy mercaptans contained in kerosene, jet fuel, middle-distillate and condensate.

MERICON I, II, III - Spent Caustic Treatment Solutions: On-site treatment technologies for the processing of spent caustics to allow the final stream to meet specifications for wastewater treating facilities.

NAPFINING - Caustic Extraction of Naphthenic Acids: Removes naphthenic acid compounds from jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, condensate and crude oil streams without causing debilitating emulsions.

REGEN® / REGEN® ULS - Spent Caustic Regeneration: Reduces caustic consumption through the regeneration and reuse of the caustic solution.

THIOLEX - Caustic Extraction of Contaminants: Removes acid gas and mercaptan compounds from liquid and gas hydrocarbon streams.