UNICAT Catalyst Technologies

5918 S. Highway 35
TX 77511

Tel : +1 281 331 2231

UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC is a leading Global supplier of catalyst products and related services in the refining, syngas, chemical, steel, agricultural and green energy industries.

Formed in 2000, the driving force behind the company’s formation are four core values, missing from the traditional larger suppliers in the market.

- Innovation
- Flexible Manufacturing
- Supply Chain Stability
- Broad Product Range

UNICAT is proud to have stayed true to this course having developed several innovative products in niche catalyst markets in six key areas; Purification, Polycat, AFSSyngasPSA and Magcat®. In 2019, a formal partnership with G. W. Aru was agreed to market FCC additives in Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2021 White Deer Energy completed the acquisition of both UNICAT and Magma Group, resulting in a merger of the two companies and expansion of product range into Ceramics, Combustion, Electrical Control Panels, and the Innovative Magcat® Catalyst.

Our main technical offices are located in Alvin, Texas, and Dewsbury in the United Kingdom.

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