Integrated Global Services

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Integrated Global Services, Inc. (IGS) is an international provider of surface protection solutions headquartered in Virginia, USA.  We operate operational hubs, subsidiaries, and sales offices around the world to service our global clients. We have more than 30 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage and reliability problems in mission-critical equipment and are an industry leader in the development and application of solutions to corrosion and erosion problems in challenging operating environments.

IGS has developed a range of solutions, including:

High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS)
HVTS is a proprietary coating system, designed to solve corrosion and erosion problems in process vessels, towers and columns. It is a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to extend the life of existing equipment.

Cetek Ceramic Coatings
Cetek Ceramic Coatings provide a durable, protective, thin-film layer on the outer surfaces of process tubes, which prevents oxidation, corrosion, and carburization of the metal and maintains the tube thermal conductivity coefficient close to new tube conditions.

Cetek ceramic coatings have been applied at more than 200 refining facilities worldwide and reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and increase production by improving fired heater radiant section efficiency.

Tube Tech Fouling Removal
Tube Tech is famous for solving the toughest fouling challenges around the world. Tube Tech engineers its own technologies, including robotic systems, to remove more than 90% of fouling from fired heater convection sections, heat exchanger bundles, Texas Towers (VCFEs), and a range of other mission-critical assets.

By restoring heat transfer efficiency of the convection section, Tube Tech used in conjunction with Cetek ceramic coatings can significantly increase fired heater capacity and reduce CO2 and fuel consumption by up to 15%, and reduce NOx emissions by up to 30%.

Hot-tek provides essential maintenance during normal operation (between turnarounds) to prevent the need for unplanned shutdowns. Services include:
- Hot convection cleaning
- Hot tube descaling
- Hot refractory repair
- Hot vacuum service
- Hot inspection service
- Hot tube stabilization

IGS is a specialist in global on-site solutions with extensive shop production capabilities. Our Technology Research Center helps the world’s leading oil & gas and refining facilities solve their most critical surface engineering-related problems, improve coating and welding techniques, and evaluate material performance.

IGS has the largest global footprint in the sector, with operational capabilities and experience delivering solutions on-site on six continents.