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Hoerbiger Compression Technology

Techgate Tower
Floor 16
Donau-City-Strasse 1
1220 Vienna

Tel : +43 1 22 440 0

Fax : +43 1 22 440 992

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A second life for reciprocating compressors

Compressor upgrade and revamp. HOERBIGER upgrade and revamp dated compressors in ways that are tailored to the existing and future requirements in your industry. This increases the efficiency, reliability and environmental soundness of your compression system. Simply select the application ...

Get the best from your compressor

How’s your compressor running? How should it run? How could it run? The reliability, efficiency, and environmental soundness of compressors dictate the cost-effectiveness and dependability of entire plants. As a specialist in equipping reciprocating compressors with the latest performance-determining ...

XperSEAL - reliable rod sealing for zero gas leakage from reciprocating compressors

We set standards. HOERBIGER designs, manufactures and services pressure packings, piston rings and rider bands for original equipment manufacturers and compressor operators. We design and test our sealing systems for the most challenging operating conditions. From chemically inert to highly ...

HOERBIGER - your partner for refinery and petrochemical applications

Leading expertise for constantly changing requirements. Refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants use compressors to pressurize gas at high temperatures for a number of chemical reactions. In these industries, the largest and highest performing reciprocating compressors are used in ...

CE valve - the efficient ring valve

Many of the processes that have Significant importance for industrial plant operation can cause extreme stress on compressor valves, e.g. by the presence of particles, catalyst debris, liquids or polymerides. Particles carried along with the gas flow or polymers can lead to clogging of ...