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DeltaValve retractable center feed injection device

The introduction of DeltaValve’s fully automated coke drum unheading valve in 2001 necessitated the development of side feed entry into the coke drum. No longer was it possible to feed resid into the coke drum through the bottom  ange as was standard with traditional manual ...

DeltaValve isolation valves

The GV851 is a high performance isolation gate valve speci cally designed for clean services within the delayed coker. Such services include steam and water, clean hydrocarbon liquids below coking temperatures, and clean hydrocarbon vapor streams in on/off and modulating services.

DeltaValve coke drum top unheading valve

The DeltaValve top unheading valve is available in 24", 30", and 36" sizes. It is a completely enclosed system permanently connected to the top  ange of a coke drum. With this valve, top drum unheading can be safely accomplished with the push of a single button from ...

DeltaValve coke drum bottom unheading valve

Redesigned with smaller body and bonnet components, the new bottom unheading valve is lighter than earlier versions, maintaining its reputation as the smallest and lightest fully automated bottom unheading valve in the industry. The small footprint of this bottom unheading valve makes ...

Auto-switch boring / cutting tool

The innovative DeltaValve auto-switch coke cutting tool provides a high level of safety and reliability during de-coking operations by allowing the tool to remain in the drum during switching between boring/cutting modes. The auto-switch tool, in combination with the DeltaValve drill stem ...