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Hoerbiger Compression Technology

Seestadtstra├če 25
1220 Vienna

Tel : +43 1 22440

Key technologies for compressors and engines in the Refining, Gas and Petrochemical processing industries. HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. HOERBIGER Compression Technology is a business unit of HOERBIGER Holding AG, Zug / Switzerland. Based on the concepts of reliability, high performance and efficiency, its portfolio includes a wide range of key components and services for reciprocating compressors and industrial engines.

The XperSEAL packing provides absolutely gas-tight sealing and will be beneficial for compressors in a variety of applications. Where gas leakage or packing oil consumption are currently high – especially if the cost of process gas or purge gas is a concern, or environmental restrictions are tight – this is the future of rod packings.

The HydroCOM capacity control system is the most proven and most efficient stepless control systems for reciprocating compressor in refining, petrochemical and chemical applications. Dynamic control of the intake valves achieves a high level of compressor efficiency for a relatively low investment.

HOERBIGER CE Ring Valves feature channels with flow-optimized geometry to prevent any build-up of deposits. Their efficiency helps reducing the energy consumption of the compressor while offering increased lifetime due to lightweight, impact-resistant carbon fiber-reinforced non-metallic valve rings.

The RecipCOM Monitoring, protection and diagnostic system provides monitoring and preventive maintenance for a constantly reliable, safe and efficient operation of reciprocating compressors – in real time and SIL certified.