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PROGNOST®-NT VISU online signal presentation

In this video the vizualisation of online sensor signals from a running compressor is shown.

Organizing a flowsheet – stream and block tips

This video demonstrates quick and easy ways to help organize streams & blocks on the flowsheet to make your simulations easier to read and more presentable. This includes how to make stream lines straight, how to flip blocks horizontally or vertically, and how to align multiple bl ...

Prosernat supply for Kharyaga phase 3 project (Russia)

Prosernat has supplied a fully modularized gas treatment package including Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery units for Kharyaga Phase III Project in Russia.

Heat exchanger sizing

This video demonstrates how to rate and size a heat exchanger in ProMax®.  You will learn how to use a solver to determine the length your heat exchanger needs to be.

Short monikers & moniker clipboard

This video illustrates how to create Short Monikers in ProMax. Short Monikers allow the user to create shortcut paths to properties that they can then use in calculators or can display on the flowsheet.

How to install a WirelessHART® remote antenna 

This video demonstrates how to properly install a WirelessHART® remote antenna.

Pipeline model

This video uses a simple pipeline network to demonstrate how to use a ProMax solver and specifier. It shows how to achieve a desired pressure at the outlet of the network and equalize pressures at nodes. The pipeline used in this model is from the Level 1 Training Course.

The billion dollar innovation - Type II hydroprocessing catalysts

Type II hydroprocessing catalysts were a great innovation that has been worth billions to the refining industry for making clean diesel.

WirelessHART® remote antenna installation guidelines

This video discusses best practices for mounting the remote antenna for maximum range for different installations.

HDXRF applications on petroleum sample

HDXRF uses innovative doubly curved crystal optics to create monochromatic sample excitation that lowers background noise for clear analysis.

Grabner Instruments distillation unit

MINIDIS ADXpert is a portable, true atmospheric und automatic distillation analyzer for the analysis of hydrocarbons, solvents and other liquids. Designed for laboratory and field use and offers a smart alternative to classical D86 testing.

Process simulation for tank loss calculations

This video shows how to calculate and report tank emissions using a ProMax process simulation model. These emissions include Working/Breathing losses, Loading losses, and Flashing losses.

Ionic info analysis

This video illustrates the Ionic Info analysis that can be performed within ProMax streams. This analysis calculates pH, ionic concentrations, and salt compositions within a stream.

UOP advanced MTO process

Overview of Honeywell UOP's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process that converts coal or natural gas to key plastics building blocks.

WRA top tips for networking at a conference

Hear from our Marketing Manager Rosie Brewster on our top tips for anyone networking at conferences!

Breathe Safe International Sentry 4 product video

Breathe Safe International are specialists in Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and sole manufacturers and distributors of the Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System, category III (complex) respiratory protective equipment.  The company is one of the worldwide leaders in providing ...

Distillation curve analysis

This video illustrates the Distillation Curves analysis within ProMax streams. This analysis can generate the following boiling curve types: TBP, ASTM D86, ASTM D1160, ASTM D2887/SD, and EFV.

How to install WirelessHART® antenna coax to a bulkhead connector

This video demonstrates how to install a remote antenna with a bulkhead connection to the gateway.

Grabner Instruments - vapor pressure analyzer

MINIVAP vapor pressure testers are utilized in most major oil and pipeline companies as well as independent test and research laboratories worldwide. Applications include volatility compliance control of gasoline-oxygenate blends and aviation gasolines, crude oil testing in the laboratory, at ...

Heat Exchangers - we can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm

Tracerco has been at the forefront of online leak detection for the last 50 years and can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm. If you have a leak, we can identify the specific exchanger where it's happening. We can identify which exchanger within a bank is leaking. The method is non-intrusive, ...

Simple specifier

This video illustrates how to create Simple Specifiers within ProMax.

We are Fluor

Fluor takes on some of the toughest challenges in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance, and project management around the globe.

Working at Axens: 3 questions to Stéphanie Parisse-Faux

From Axens corporate culture to career development prospects, Axens’ Executive Vice President & In-House Communications Stéphanie Parisse-Faux answers 3 questions in a short interview.

Line sizing analysis

This video illustrates the Line Sizing analysis available in ProMax. This analysis will calculate the necessary pipe size to keep the pressure drop and/or velocity below a user-defined limit. Erosional Velocity may also be calculated.

Separators - real time information on bulk level, phase heights and internal hardware

Our solutions help you to optimise your separator operation and maintenance by providing accurate, real time information on bulk level, phase heights, emulsion and internal hardware. Tracerco’s, non-intrusive gamma scan technology provides accurate, real time information on the ...

UOP Russell modular gas processing plants

Learn how UOP Russell modular plants can be up and running six months faster than competitive offerings. This full-length animation demonstrates the UOP Russell step-by-step process to remove contaminants from natural gas and recover high-value natural gas liquids.

Pancake Lift - key step in the module assembly process

The "pancake lift" is one important step in the module assembly process. Bit by bit, our highly qualified assembly team process around 3,000 tonnes of material to create highly complex plant components.

Catalyst performance claims for hydrotreating catalysts low sulfur diesel fuel in oil refinery

How does true catalyst performance measure up to published claims? The answers are in Hoekstra Trading's independent catalyst test report.

ProMax blocks - callouts

This video illustrates the callout shape within ProMax, which allows the user to display information about a stream on the flowsheet.

Clean technology by Linde

Clean Technology by Linde" shows Linde's innovative solutions for sustainable energy sourcing  Modern society depends on an affordable, reliable, environmentally sound supply of energy. And securing that supply is one of the biggest challenges we currently face. This new film ...

Sindie: trace sulfur in fuel analysis

Imagine a smarter sulfur analysis solution free of compromise and hassle. Sindie® benchtop analyzers offer just that - easy and hassle-free operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, accuracy, and precision. Powered by MWDXRF, these analyzers provide direct measurement and do ...

Sub-ppm chlorine detection in petroleum products

While traditional technology does allow for sub-ppm measurements of chlorine in petroleum products, the sample preparation and analysis can be tedious and time consuming. Recent advances in MWDXRF technology allow for quick, quantitative measurements at 0.5 ppm and below in products ...

Packed Bed Towers - Tru-Grid™ Scan/PackView™

Tracerco can help you optimise your packed tower performance by analysing liquid flow distribution, liquid retention and checking for damage. You’ll be able to plan maintenance effectively and avoid emergency equipment charges. Using a Tru-Grid™ scan, Tracerco can verify ...

Clora overview

Clora® Analyzers provide breakthrough analysis of chlorine concentration in petroleum at levels below 0.5 ppm without consumable gasses, without elevated temperature processes.

Scenario tool copying and adjusting scenarios

This video illustrates how to create multiple scenarios by copying an existing scenario and then adjusting the Excel sheet, cells, & ProMax objects referred to by the Scenario Tool.

WRA top tips for networking at a conference - 2

Hear from our Marketing Manager Rosie Brewster on our top tips for anyone networking at conferences! Our second video for top tips when attending conferences

On site assembly of storage tanks for modular LCO2 plants

Linde Engineering demonstrates once again how customers can benefit from modular design: once the various components engineered at the different sites are ready and transported by land and sea to any location, they are assembled on site. This approach substantially speeding up the overall ...

UOP Callidus flare gas recovery

UOP Callidus flare gas recovery systems are designed to reduce emissions from your facility and to save money. In addition to the environmental and public relations value, these units can also reduce your requirements for purchased gas and can extend the life of your flare tips. A ...

ProMax blocks - pipeline

This video illustrates the pipeline block available within ProMax. Multiple segments can be created within the same block to account for fittings, elevation changes, reducers, etc.  Insulation can also be included. Attaching a Q-stream to the block allows for heat transfer to the ...

Fluid Catalytic Cracking - improve productivity and plan maintenance efficiently

Tracerco can help you understand catalyst and process flow behaviour inside your Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit, so you can improve productivity, identify problems and plan maintenance efficiently. Using a Tru-Scan™, we can measure the height of the catalyst level in the ...