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Blasch Precision Ceramics vectorWall

Improve reaction furnace efficiency and process throughput in your refinery combustion process by as much as 50%

Axens Impulse™ movie

Impulse™ is a complete, high performance range of hydrotreating catalysts allowing for even more difficult feedstock to be processed without cycle penalty. Impulse catalysts also offer higher flexibility, maximum throughput with higher end boiling point and longer cycles.

Sindie: trace sulfur in fuel analysis

Imagine a smarter sulfur analysis solution free of compromise and hassle. Sindie® benchtop analyzers offer just that - easy and hassle-free operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, accuracy, and precision. Powered by MWDXRF, these analyzers provide direct measurement and do ...

Simple specifier

This video illustrates how to create Simple Specifiers within ProMax.

Creating user values – ambient temperature example

This video illustrates how to create user values within ProMax. Ambient temperature is the example shown as a variable the user could create and then use in the simulation.

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing: The Pursuit

Pursuing Growth. Understanding Challenges. Implementing Solutions.

Multistage refrigerant tips

This video illustrates useful tips for solving multi-stage chillers in ProMax®. The video demonstrates a simple method for estimating the amount of refrigerant required. A solver to find the actual refrigerant flow required is then created followed by a discussion on solver algorithms ...

Relief valve sizing analysis

 – This video illustrates the Relief Valve Sizing analysis in ProMax. This analysis calculates the required orifice area for a given flow at relief conditions, following API 520 or other international standards.

Welcome to Axens blog, by Axens CEO Jean Sentenac

Why Choose to be on Social Media? Why Create a Blog? Why Name the blog Succeed Together? Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presents Axens company blog by answering 3 questions.

Gain process insight to optimize every point with Rosemount 3051S series of instrumentation

Optimize productivity with pressure, flow and level solutions that work across all points of your operation. Gain unprecedented visibility into your process with the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation.

Introducing ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing

ExxonMobil's refining, chemical manufacturing, and gas processing technologies, along with their assortment of specialty catalysts, are used at EM's own facilities and are offered for license to customers.

Grabner Instruments distillation unit

MINIDIS ADXpert is a portable, true atmospheric und automatic distillation analyzer for the analysis of hydrocarbons, solvents and other liquids. Designed for laboratory and field use and offers a smart alternative to classical D86 testing.

Dunn Heat Exchangers - services

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. offers the safest, most efficient means to clean and repair industrial grade heat exchangers. Our facilities also provide us with the ability to handle new fabrication work as well as decommission out of service equipment. These benefits make Dunn the right choice ...

Packed Bed Towers - Tru-Grid™ Scan/PackView™

Tracerco can help you optimise your packed tower performance by analysing liquid flow distribution, liquid retention and checking for damage. You’ll be able to plan maintenance effectively and avoid emergency equipment charges. Using a Tru-Grid™ scan, Tracerco can verify ...

How to ground WirelessHART® gateways, devices, and accessories

This video demonstrates how to properly ground WirelessHART® gateways, devices and accessories.

Tracerco measurement instruments and servicing videos

Introducing our award winning range of downstream process instrumentation.

WRA top tips for networking at a conference

Hear from our Marketing Manager Rosie Brewster on our top tips for anyone networking at conferences!

PROGNOST®-NT VISU trend composition

This short sequence demonstrates how PROGNOST®-NT users compose easily signal trends over time.

Albemarle Nebula® catalyst

Nebula® is the latest, highest activity shaped base metal catalyst and is the gold standard in catalytic hydrotreating. Jointly developed by Albemarle and ExxonMobil, Nebula has been successfully applied in practically all HPC applications, from naphtha hydrotreating to hydrocracking ...

WirelessHART® lightning arrestor installation guidelines

This video discusses best practices for various remote antenna and lightning arrestor installations.

ProMax® scenario tool basics

This video illustrates the basics of using the ProMax Scenario Tool. The video includes: How to add an Excel workbook to your ProMax project, How to add the Scenario Tool add-in into Excel and How to define inputs and outputs into the Scenario Tool.

Breathe Safe International Sentry 4 product video

Breathe Safe International are specialists in Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and sole manufacturers and distributors of the Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System, category III (complex) respiratory protective equipment.  The company is one of the worldwide leaders in providing ...

ProMax column sizing

This video illustrates the column sizing features available within ProMax.  Towers can be sized using trays or random/structured packing.  Existing tower internals may be input, or the required diameter may be calculated for design cases.

The billion dollar innovation - Type II hydroprocessing catalysts

Type II hydroprocessing catalysts were a great innovation that has been worth billions to the refining industry for making clean diesel.

How differential pressure flow works

In this video you will learn about different primary element types and how they work, the conventional to modern transition of installation practices, and the functionalities within a differential pressure transmitter.

How to install lightning arrestors on WirelessHART® gateways or devices

This video demonstrates how to properly install a WirelessHART® remote antenna on a gateway or device mounted in the field.

Packed bed towers - scrubber

We offer diagnostic solutions to identify bulk level, damaged internal hardware, and distribution, residence time and flow data for scrubbers. By using specialist tracers, we can measure the performance of scrubbers to establish residence time and distribution, carry over and carry under ...

Sour water stripping

This short video demonstrates how ProTreat can be used to simulate a sour water stripper.  Caustic soda injection is used to help spring ammonia from its combined form with the heat stable salt, formate. This is a 100% mass transfer rate based calculation.

HDXRF applications on petroleum sample

HDXRF uses innovative doubly curved crystal optics to create monochromatic sample excitation that lowers background noise for clear analysis.

Offsite cleaning cost comparisons

Dunn Heat Exchangers offsite heat exchanger cleaning cost comparisons to onsite cleaning can be misleading. There are many hidden costs associated with onsite cleaning......

Creating a Particle of Difference

Where common challenges meet shared solutions. ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing is committed to solving challenges, enabling progress and delivering long-term value.

Temporary monitoring & consulting

You know these situations: initial start-ups of new machines, machines going back online after overhauls or major repairs. These are the critical moments in which you need temporary online monitoring and diagnostic expertise for a safe machine operation.  PROGNOST Systems has ...

Control valve analysis    

This video illustrates the Control Valve analysis that can be performed within any stream in ProMax. This analysis calculates valve opening, valve Cv, and pressure drop according to the selected valve type. The video also shows how these calculations can be applied inside of a valve block ...

Introducing Sindie +Cl

Exciting news here at XOS, we’ve just launched Sindie +Cl! Sindie +Cl is a sulfur and chlorine analyzer delivering two critical measurements with one push of a button and zero hassle. It is the ideal solution for refineries and independent labs to certify sulfur levels in finished ...

ProMax blocks - callouts

This video illustrates the callout shape within ProMax, which allows the user to display information about a stream on the flowsheet.

Working at Axens: 3 questions to Stéphanie Parisse-Faux

From Axens corporate culture to career development prospects, Axens’ Executive Vice President & In-House Communications Stéphanie Parisse-Faux answers 3 questions in a short interview.

Simplify selection of diesel fuel hydrotreating catalysts

There's a confusing excess of catalyst brands today -- Hoekstra Trading's test program sorts through all the noise.

Scripting in ProMax solvers/specifiers

This video illustrates how to use JScript within ProMax Solvers & Specifiers.  This scripting includes if/else statements and Math functions for more complex calculations.

WRA top tips for networking at a conference - 2

Hear from our Marketing Manager Rosie Brewster on our top tips for anyone networking at conferences! Our second video for top tips when attending conferences

GXM1™ high capacity premium granulator

In response to the need for a new generation of formed sulphur to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed by both environmental considerations and customer preference, Enersul developed and successfully commercialized the sulphur forming process known as the GX™ granulating ...