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Tracerco measurement instruments and servicing videos

Introducing our award winning range of downstream process instrumentation.

ProMax® scenario tool basics

This video illustrates the basics of using the ProMax Scenario Tool. The video includes: How to add an Excel workbook to your ProMax project, How to add the Scenario Tool add-in into Excel and How to define inputs and outputs into the Scenario Tool.

Sub-ppm chlorine detection in petroleum products

While traditional technology does allow for sub-ppm measurements of chlorine in petroleum products, the sample preparation and analysis can be tedious and time consuming. Recent advances in MWDXRF technology allow for quick, quantitative measurements at 0.5 ppm and below in products ...

How to install lightning arrestors on WirelessHART® gateways or devices

This video demonstrates how to properly install a WirelessHART® remote antenna on a gateway or device mounted in the field.

Axens Symphony™ reforming catalysts

The next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts. Based on more than 100 years of accumulated experience Axens has developed Symphony™, the next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts born from a harmonious orchestration of expertise designed to yield superior ...

Refinery power outages: causes, impacts and solutions

From 2009 to 2014, there were 2,837 reported unplanned shutdowns, within US refineries. This video looks at the major causes of refinery shutdowns, the impact they have and offers solutions to refinery power outages. Recomendations by William Vukovich, Patrick Christensen, Thomas Yeung ...

Organizing a flowsheet – stream and block tips

This video demonstrates quick and easy ways to help organize streams & blocks on the flowsheet to make your simulations easier to read and more presentable. This includes how to make stream lines straight, how to flip blocks horizontally or vertically, and how to align multiple bl ...

Unity Hydroprocessing

Honeywell UOP brings a unified approach to hydroprocessing through our vast lineup of solutions for both hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

How conditioning orifice plates work

This video is a detailed explanation of how Rosemount Conditioning Orifice plates work, including the benefits and installation best practices. The video helps users understand how reducing straight run requirements in your DP Flow installation will save time, effort, and budget.

Separator sizing

This video demonstrates how to size a separator vessel using ProMax.

Catalyst performance claims for hydrotreating catalysts low sulfur diesel fuel in oil refinery

How does true catalyst performance measure up to published claims? The answers are in Hoekstra Trading's independent catalyst test report.

Axens: The performance improvement specialists

Discover Axens activities in a short animated clip. Axens is an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services, with a global reputation for basic engineering design excellence. The main scope of Axens’ business is focused on the conversion of ...


PROGNOST®-SenSim is a portable device for the simulation of sensors that are used for machine monitoring. It simulates sensors with static and dynamic signals for safety protection systems (Safety Instrumented Systems) and measuring loop test routines.

Packed Bed Towers - Tru-Grid™ Scan/PackView™

Tracerco can help you optimise your packed tower performance by analysing liquid flow distribution, liquid retention and checking for damage. You’ll be able to plan maintenance effectively and avoid emergency equipment charges. Using a Tru-Grid™ scan, Tracerco can verify ...

XOS MWDXRF simulation

Proprietary doubly curved crystal optics create an ideal monochromatic excitation beam that maximized the desired signal while minimizing radiation interference, ultimately improving sensitivity.

Introducing Sindie +Cl

Exciting news here at XOS, we’ve just launched Sindie +Cl! Sindie +Cl is a sulfur and chlorine analyzer delivering two critical measurements with one push of a button and zero hassle. It is the ideal solution for refineries and independent labs to certify sulfur levels in finished ...

Create block flow diagram in ProMax

This video shows how to create an interactive Block Flow Diagram in ProMax. It is particularly useful for projects with more than one or two processes. The model used to demonstrate this feature is based on a complete state of the art gas processing plant.

EquiFlow™ reactor internals for hydrotreatment reactors

EquiFlow™ is the latest generation of reactor internals for hydrotreatment reactors. Its purpose is to provide excellent flow distribution starting at the inlet of the catalyst bed in order to maximize the efficiency of the catalyst. The implementation of EquiFlow technology maintains ...

Crystaphase, there is no magic behind reactor performance

It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through ...

Control valve analysis    

This video illustrates the Control Valve analysis that can be performed within any stream in ProMax. This analysis calculates valve opening, valve Cv, and pressure drop according to the selected valve type. The video also shows how these calculations can be applied inside of a valve block ...

History of UOP | Honeywell

In commemoration of Honeywell UOP's 100th anniversary, this video describes how UOP has established the foundation for today's refining industry, revolutionized the global oil and gas industry, and enabled our modern way of living. Featuring UOP President and CEO Rajeev Gautam and other ...

ProMax blocks – saturator

This video illustrates the capabilities of the Saturator block within ProMax.

ProMax blocks - crossflowsheet connector

This video illustrates the use of the Cross Flowsheet Connector shape, which allows for stream information to be passed from one flowsheet to another.

StaBlox™ Flue Gas Tunnel System

The Blasch StaBlox Tunnel System is a versatile, mechanically stable system consisting of a series of stackable, interlocking blocks. The StaBlox system allows for an extremely fast, easy installation while at the same time offering a much higher level of reliability with ...

Depressurization tool

This video illustrates how to use the Depressurization Example stencil within ProMax. The video describes the different types of cases and calculations performed by this stencil and demonstrates its use for two different cases. A short demonstration of how to calculate the relief temperature ...

Multistage refrigerant tips

This video illustrates useful tips for solving multi-stage chillers in ProMax®. The video demonstrates a simple method for estimating the amount of refrigerant required. A solver to find the actual refrigerant flow required is then created followed by a discussion on solver algorithms ...

Heat Exchangers - we can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm

Tracerco has been at the forefront of online leak detection for the last 50 years and can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm. If you have a leak, we can identify the specific exchanger where it's happening. We can identify which exchanger within a bank is leaking. The method is non-intrusive, ...

Composition subset analysis

This video illustrates how to use the Composition Subset Analysis available in ProMax 4.0. This analysis allows the user to quickly sum up any desired group of components. Some common uses include the summation of BTEX and other emissions related categories or the summation of heavy hydrocarbons ...

Downstream Industry: Axens 2016 Market Outlook

How did 2015 crude oversupply affect fuel demand and refined products demand? What were the consequences for refiners? What are the 2016 forecasts? How will the 2015 Paris Agreement influence this context?

PROGNOST®-NT VISU online signal presentation

In this video the vizualisation of online sensor signals from a running compressor is shown.

Premiere of opportunity crudes management seminars

This video is the "Premiere of Opportunity Crudes Management Seminars (OCMS). It is a sample video of the OCMS series.  To show you the rich content of OCMS, this video contains most of the materials from Video#1 addressing non-metal contaminants in crude oil, which was released ...

Are you ready for MARPOL?

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement the MARPOL Annex VI, all ships must globally reduce their emissions of sulfur by 86% before 2020. This fact is bound to have a huge impact on the shipping as well as the refinery industry. But exactly what will happen? ...

Introducing ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing

ExxonMobil's refining, chemical manufacturing, and gas processing technologies, along with their assortment of specialty catalysts, are used at EM's own facilities and are offered for license to customers.

Breathe Safe International Sentry 4 promotional video

Breathe Safe International are specialists in Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and sole manufacturers and distributors of the Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System, category III (complex) respiratory protective equipment. The company is one of the worldwide leaders in providing ...

Scripting in ProMax solvers/specifiers

This video illustrates how to use JScript within ProMax Solvers & Specifiers.  This scripting includes if/else statements and Math functions for more complex calculations.

Honeywell UOP Callidus

Honeywell UOP Callidus is a global leader in combustion technologies. This video provides an overview of the many products and solutions UOP Callidus provides refineries, petrochemical plants and gas plants to increase efficiency, add profits, and reduce emissions. It also takes a look ...

Sour water stripping

This short video demonstrates how ProTreat can be used to simulate a sour water stripper.  Caustic soda injection is used to help spring ammonia from its combined form with the heat stable salt, formate. This is a 100% mass transfer rate based calculation.

Grabner Instruments - fuel analyzer

The MINISCAN IRXpert is an intelligent completely portable multifuel analyzer for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Biofuel Blends. More than 70 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolution

Curve oils

This video illustrates the Curve Oil feature within ProMax.  Curve Oils can be used to define any oil cut by using its boiling point curve. A crude oil example is demonstrated in this video.

Scenario tool – EZ setup tool

This video illustrates the EZ Setup Tool feature within a ProMax simulation.  This tool works as a shortcut for the Scenario Tool.  The EZ Setup Tool allows the user to specify which variables to change and what range of values to use for each variable.  ProMax will then ...