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UOP Russell modular gas processing plants

Learn how UOP Russell modular plants can be up and running six months faster than competitive offerings. This full-length animation demonstrates the UOP Russell step-by-step process to remove contaminants from natural gas and recover high-value natural gas liquids.

UOP advanced MTO process

Overview of Honeywell UOP's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process that converts coal or natural gas to key plastics building blocks.

Connect a pressure regulator to HiQ MAXICAN

Training of connecting a pressure regulator to HiQ MAXICAN using a proper & safe method.

Linde digitalisation - turning data into value

The world is getting more and more connected, everything is generating data. The engineering and industrial gases company Linde has found smart ways to turn the tons of available data into real value for its customers.

Offsite cleaning cost comparisons

Dunn Heat Exchangers offsite heat exchanger cleaning cost comparisons to onsite cleaning can be misleading. There are many hidden costs associated with onsite cleaning......

BASF-YPC integrated petrochemical site expansion video

Fluor, as part of an international consortium, was responsible for engineering management, procurement, and construction management on this $1.4 billion investment in Nanjing, China.

Unity Hydroprocessing

Honeywell UOP brings a unified approach to hydroprocessing through our vast lineup of solutions for both hydrotreating and hydrocracking.

Pilot plant testing of catalysts for diesel fuel hydrotreating

Modern pilot plants provide reliable, hard data for choosing among competitive catalysts.

ProMax recoveries

This video illustrates how to calculate recoveries within ProMax. Column recoveries and flowsheet recoveries are created automatically within ProMax. User-defined recoveries can also be created. Ethane recovery and sulfur recovery are both demonstrated.

GXM3™ portable, premium granulator

Enersul's New, Portable, Premium Granulator The GXM3™ is the first - and only - portable sulphur forming unit on the market.  Its patent pending technology was developed for use on sites with smaller plant footprint spaces, for clients that want shorter start-up times, and/or ...

Grabner Instruments company movie

Since 25 years, Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. is known as one of the most innovative companies world wide developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. Grabner Instruments' success is based on the development of highly innovative, fully automated, ...

Largest Air Seperation Unit in America

A $250 million boom for the Houston Ship Channel area. Watch the construction of the largest ASU that will be operated by Linde in the U.S. Linde is also adding a new gasification unit and supporting modifications to the world’s largest gas – based partial oxidation comple ...

Sour water stripping

This short video demonstrates how ProTreat can be used to simulate a sour water stripper.  Caustic soda injection is used to help spring ammonia from its combined form with the heat stable salt, formate. This is a 100% mass transfer rate based calculation.

ProMax project options

This video explains the Project Options available in ProMax. This includes changing project wide properties (such as atmospheric temperature) and changing what properties are displayed in the Project Viewer.

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our business

Linde Engineering is the perfect partner in all sectors of industry: from crude oil, natural gas extraction and refining to chemical and metal processing. Get the facts and figures.

Create block flow diagram in ProMax

This video shows how to create an interactive Block Flow Diagram in ProMax. It is particularly useful for projects with more than one or two processes. The model used to demonstrate this feature is based on a complete state of the art gas processing plant.

Refinery power outages: causes, impacts and solutions

From 2009 to 2014, there were 2,837 reported unplanned shutdowns, within US refineries. This video looks at the major causes of refinery shutdowns, the impact they have and offers solutions to refinery power outages. Recomendations by William Vukovich, Patrick Christensen, Thomas Yeung ...

The Rohrwuzlers

At Linde, engineers and skilled workers design and manufacture high quality components and complete modules for the application in process plants. This documentary movie reports about the manufacturing of this process plant equipment and the people behind it. Take a look and find out who ...

IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology

IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology: A unique hydroprocessing technology, products and services help refiners make cleaner fuel efficiently and cost-effectively. IsoTherming® Technology is suitable in grassroots or revamp applications.

Blasch Precision Ceramics vectorWall

Improve reaction furnace efficiency and process throughput in your refinery combustion process by as much as 50%

Axens: The performance improvement specialists

Discover Axens activities in a short animated clip. Axens is an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services, with a global reputation for basic engineering design excellence. The main scope of Axens’ business is focused on the conversion of ...

Heat exchanger sizing

This video demonstrates how to rate and size a heat exchanger in ProMax®.  You will learn how to use a solver to determine the length your heat exchanger needs to be.

UOP Callidus flare gas recovery

UOP Callidus flare gas recovery systems are designed to reduce emissions from your facility and to save money. In addition to the environmental and public relations value, these units can also reduce your requirements for purchased gas and can extend the life of your flare tips. A ...

Grabner Instruments distillation unit

MINIDIS ADXpert is a portable, true atmospheric und automatic distillation analyzer for the analysis of hydrocarbons, solvents and other liquids. Designed for laboratory and field use and offers a smart alternative to classical D86 testing.

Multistage refrigerant tips

This video illustrates useful tips for solving multi-stage chillers in ProMax®. The video demonstrates a simple method for estimating the amount of refrigerant required. A solver to find the actual refrigerant flow required is then created followed by a discussion on solver algorithms ...

New from Albemarle R&D: KF 870 and KF 880 STARS®

At Albemarle, we intelligently leverage catalyst technology to extract maximum value. We work hard to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals and are eager to introduce two new additions to our portfolio of Intelligent Catalysts.

WirelessHART® remote antenna installation guidelines

This video discusses best practices for mounting the remote antenna for maximum range for different installations.

Downstream Industry: Axens 2016 Market Outlook

How did 2015 crude oversupply affect fuel demand and refined products demand? What were the consequences for refiners? What are the 2016 forecasts? How will the 2015 Paris Agreement influence this context?

We are Wood Group

Wood Group is an international energy services company which designs, modifies, constructs and operates industrial facilities mainly for the oil & gas sector, right across the asset life cycle. We enhance this with a wide range of specialist technical solutions.

Welcome to Axens blog, by Axens CEO Jean Sentenac

Why Choose to be on Social Media? Why Create a Blog? Why Name the blog Succeed Together? Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presents Axens company blog by answering 3 questions.

ProMax block – oil speciation

This video illustrates how to use the Oil Speciation block within ProMax.  This block is used to convert a crude assay into composition data.

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort sulfur recovery project

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort Sulfur Recovery project a 100 t/d Sulfur Recovery Unit based on Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions SUPERCLAUS® Process. Modular design and execution by Jacobs.

Process simulation for air permits and emission reports

Do you need to calculate your emissions from an atmospheric tank? This video shows how to predict and report VOCs, BTEX, HAPs, and Greenhouse Gas emissions from an atmospheric tank using a ProMax process simulation model.

Back blending

This video illustrates the process of back blending in ProMax.  Back blending is a method used to estimate the inlet conditions by adding up the measured gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water outlets.  This is often used for estimating emissions off hydrocarbon tanks and water ...

Scripting in ProMax solvers/specifiers

This video illustrates how to use JScript within ProMax Solvers & Specifiers.  This scripting includes if/else statements and Math functions for more complex calculations.


PROGNOST®-SenSim is a portable device for the simulation of sensors that are used for machine monitoring. It simulates sensors with static and dynamic signals for safety protection systems (Safety Instrumented Systems) and measuring loop test routines.

Clora demonstration

Chlorine analysis in liquid hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions and catalyst.

Grabner Instruments - Online Vapor Pressure Workshop

MINIVAP ON-LINE is a process monitoring analyzer for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, crude oil, LPG and NPG. Also, the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline can be measured. The measuring principle is identical to the worldwide used laboratory instruments MINIVAP and ...

Standard XRF sample cups vs. accucell

Some Accucell benefits include pre-assembly to eliminate handling and assembly of cup and film, single discharge of pipette fills the cup to speed preparation, as well as a pre-vented design that eliminates contamination.

Catalyst performance claims for hydrotreating catalysts low sulfur diesel fuel in oil refinery

How does true catalyst performance measure up to published claims? The answers are in Hoekstra Trading's independent catalyst test report.