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Tail-gas treating catalysts

Refineries and gas plants worldwide have reported lower operating costs, extended cycle lengths and reduced pressure drops as a result of installing Criterion’s state-of-the-art catalysts in their Claus tail-gas treating units. Well-operated Claus tail-gas units are increasingly ...

Improved hydrocracking

leading-edge Catalysts coupled with outstanding Technical service. Criterion Catalysts & Technologies (Criterion) offers a broad range of zeolite catalysts to satisfy a variety of refinery hydrocracking objectives. We also provide the feed pretreatment catalysts that are vital to preserving ...

Naphtha hydrotreating catalysts

Dealing with the more challenging streams. Criterion is a world-leading supplier of naphtha hydrotreating catalysts, the key to the effective removal of sulphur and nitrogen compounds from this valuable refinery stream. We supply about one-third by weight of all the naphtha hydrotreating ...

FCC pretreatment catalysts

High-performance catalyst systems tailored to meet refiners’ operating objectives. Refiners worldwide are reporting significantly enhanced refinery economics after working with Criterion Catalysts & Technologies to optimise the performance of their fluidised catalytic cracking ...

Residue upgrading using ebullated-bed hydrocracking

Dealing more effectively with the bottom of the barrel is high on the refining industry’s agenda for the following reasons. Crude oil feedstocks are becoming heavier, which is making lighter crudes more expensive. Environmental pressures are undermining the market for heavy fuel ...