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Gasification – converting the bottom of the barrel into valuable products

Traditionally, crude-oil residues have been sold as marine bunker fuel or used on-site as furnace fuel. However, with changing legislation, refineries are under pressure to reduce both their emissions and the sulphur content of their products; in addition, the market for fuel oil is shrinking.

Refining catalysts – market-leading, high performance hydroprocessing solutions

Increasingly stringent fuel and environmental regulations, heavier crudes and feedstocks, and soaring energy demand have created complex, and sometimes conflicting, challenges for refiners operating hydroprocessing units. In response, many refiners are building new licensed units or revamping ...

Thermal conversion – converting the bottom of the barrel into higher-value products

Faced with falling demand for low-value products such as residue fuel oil, operators are seeking proven, cost-effective technologies to help increase the value of their residue streams by revamping and debottlenecking existing units. Shell Global Solutions’ thermal conversion processes ...

Gas/liquid treating and sulphur processes

Helping oil and gas operators meet emission limits. Operators in the oil and gas industries face tough challenges in removing contaminants from their products, reducing emissions and meeting specifications. Shell Global Solutions’ gas/liquid treating and sulphur processes are available ...

Dewaxing technologies for distillate applications

Cold flow properties improvement process. Catalytic dewaxing is used to improve cold flow properties of diesel fuels by selective hydroisomerization and hydrocracking of normal and slightly branched-paraffins. Normal paraffins have the most detrimental effects on the low-temperature properties ...