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Sulphur Recovery SUPERCLAUS® Process

The SUPERCLAUS® process recovers elemental sulfur from H2S-containing gases originating from gas treating and sour  water stripper plants. Yields up to 99.2% overall sulfur recovery, without any further tail gas cleanup, are possible. The SUPERCLAUS® process consists of a ...

Sulfur recovery - modular units

Jacobs brings proven experience in application of pre-assembly and modular project delivery in the petroleum industry. Our modular construction experience and capabilities span the project spectrum from concept through construction. We bring experience executing modular projects and working ...

Sulfur recovery - SUPERCLAUS® / caustic scrubber process

Applications: Selection of an appropriate and cost effective Tail Gas Treatment process to follow existing Claus plants is a challenge facing refiners and natural gas plant owners around the world. New emission regulations, interest in increasing sulfur recovery and processing of higher ...

Gas treating (natural gas/syngas/lng) - Sulfinol process

Applications: The Sulfinol process is a regenerative process developed to remove H2S, CO2, COS and mercaptans from gases. The sulfur compounds in the product gas can be removed to low ppm levels. This process has been developed specifically for treating large quantities of gas, such as ...

Sour water stripper

Applications: Many process units throughout a refinery generate significant quantities of sour water. Sour water collected within a refinery contains both H2S and NH3. These components are present as ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4HS) within the sour water. NH4HS is the salt of a weak base ...