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Technical collaboration triples NHT cycle length (TIA)

A nine-month cycle once seemed like a victory. But with pressure drop still flat after 27 months, the engineers on a naphtha hydrotreater in the Texas ...


Analysis, active filtration unlock guard vessel stability (ERTC)

For the first time in years, they did not need jackhammers to unload the guard vessel. It was another short cycle, and there was another crust layer.


High-efficiency filtration extends SRU cycle length (ERTC)

At a facility in the heart of Western Europe, engineers had all but resigned to their fate: every 60 days, they would have to 
take down a whole section ...


Coke protection eliminates skim (TIA)

For refiners operating a hydrotreating unit, the goal is twofold: minimal downtime and maximum profitability.


Mitigating iron foulants in refinery processes

Purification systems are designed to remove iron based particles without detriment to a catalyst bed’s permeability.


Look beyond the catalyst

Purification and dispersion strategies applied to hydroprocessing catalyst can improve reactor performance


Active filtration beats iron fouling problem (TIA)

For hydrocarbon processors, the goal is always to achieve the optimum catalyst reaction and hold it as long as possible.