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Radiometric measurements: accuracy, repeatability and errors

Radiometric measurements for industrial processes have been around for several decades.


Multiphase level measurements for optimal process control

The monitoring of interfaces in process vessels can be very difficult due to extreme process conditions. Wherever other methods fail, a radiometric measurement ...


Improving level control in desalters to aid in use of opportunity crudes

Refineries are a complex set of various operating units designed to process crude oil into refined products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuels and feedstocks ...


Comparison of interface level between differential pressure and multiphase level measurement

This paper will explain the difference in technology in measuring interface level between Differential Pressure (DP) level and Multiphase Level Measurement ...


Managing interference radiation in nucleonic level measurements

In this paper we will identify common sources of interference radiation, and explain how they affect nucleonic measurements. Also we will elaborate how ...