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Berthold Technologies

Calmbacher Strasse 22
75323 Bad Wildbad

Tel : +49 7081 177 157

Fax : +49 7081 177-100

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Measurement solutions for the refining industry

Optimize your production throughput with increased safety and reliability. Berthold Technologies radiometric instruments for non contacting level and density measurement are widely used in the global oil refining industry. Among our customers are well-known companies like Exxon Mobil, ...

Interface measurement in desalters

Interface measurements in desalters are often regarded as not being very critical, even though every drop of oil, to be refined, passes through the desalter. As refineries try to maximize their margins, so-called opportunity crudes are often used. These crude oils generally contain increased ...

Interface and Multiphase Level Measurement

Radiometric measurements from Berthold. The radiometric measurement systems from Berthold are used to localize the interface layer between two phases. These systems are even used in more complex processes to measure the density profile and thereby picturing the heights of the different ...

Continuous level - Non-contacting measurement

Non-contacting measurement technology by Berthold. The level measurement technology by Berthold is used in a variety of industrial sectors – ranging from the chemical to the waste water industry. It is suitable for measuring ranges of just a few millimetres up to several metres. ...

Level Switch - Mini-Switch LB 471

Application. The BERTHOLD level switch is used in all branches of industry, including the food industry. This measurement system is applicable where one or more alarm levels of liquids or bulk solids have to be monitored. In fact, the BERTHOLD level switch is suitable for installation ...