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Revamping atmospheric crude heaters

Revamp of an atmospheric crude unit heater suffering from coking caused by asphaltene precipitation resulted in an increased heater run length


Crude overhead system design considerations

Proper crude unit overhead system design is important when building a new unit or revamping an existing one to process different crudes


FCC gas concentration unit 
stripper revamp

Unit charge rate and reactor conversion were increased by the elimination of stripper column flooding. Chemical-grade propylene specifications were me ...


Vacuum unit design for high 
metals crudes

Vacuum unit design can influence vacuum gas yield, product quality and run length. A wet vacuum unit with residue stripping achieves the highest cutpo ...


Main fractionator water wash systems

When properly designed and operated, main fractionator wash water systems can remove salt with little upset


Vacuum unit pressure control

Operational issues such as higher heater duty and column pressure must be weighed against avoiding residue entrainment in HVGO


Fast-tracking an FCC revamp

The design, detailed engineering and installation of one revamp took just
four-and-a-half months