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Centrifugal compressor operations

The wet gas compressor is used as an example in this article reviewing compressor performance, operating conditions and basic control philosophy


Maximising gas plant capacity

Water entrapment and foaming must be avoided to maximise LPG recovery and minimise downstream unit contaminants


Consider retrofits to handle high-viscosity crudes

In 2000, ConocoPhillips’ refinery in Sweeny, Texas, began processing 16° API gravity blends of extra-heavy crude oils, including Merey 16 and BCF 1 ...


Managing vanadium from high metals crude oils

Improvements in process and equipment design with regard to crude unit and delayed coker distillation column performance can reduce metals content


Vacuum unit troubleshooting

Case studies show how accurate field-measured differential pressure can be interpreted incorrectly when troubleshooting refinery vacuum columns


Crude unit start-ups: the results of a 
high liquid level

Pressure-measurement techniques can avoid the dangers of rapidly changing flow rates and levels during start-up


Crude column revamp using radial temperature profiles

Designers need to be aware of all the factors influencing packed bed performance such as feed zone mixing problems